Elapsed (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

When Harry loses his memory, comes with it his life and her.
Getting his life back on track he starts up school again in his last year and meets someone new but is convince that there not right for each other even though he has never felt that way towards anyone before. But is he willing and able to give up his first love for his new love?


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 2:

Echo’s POV:


Walking into towards the cafeteria with Harry hot on my tail after 2 more grueling lessons, I was exhausted and it didn’t help that Harry was nagging me the whole way.

“Echo, honestly why don’t you just drop the hardest math shit, biology and… what was the other lesson?” he questioned.

“Chemistry” I simply replied hoping this conversation would end.

“Yes, Chemistry!”

“Because I can’t” my voice rose.

“Because why?” he whined. Why can someone you just met be so incredibly annoying?

“Because I can’t ok!” I yell making people turn their heads towards us. Luckily I was at my locker so I can hide my face behind the door.

“It’s your parents isn’t it?” he realized, as he grabs my waist and slowly turns me around so I’m now facing him.

“Why the fuck do you care anyways?” I blurted, having the tendency to talk before I think but either way not regretting my outburst as I slammed my locker and bolted to the cafeteria leaving him behind speechless.


Harry’s POV:


What am I doing? I questioned myself. I shouldn’t be caring or pushing anyone, I should be making friends not scaring and pissing off people. I guess I just found out my problem.  I just piss people off for my own amusement or I’m just fucked up, either way I’m fucked up mentally and physically as I slip on my spectacles the doctors prescribed to me that helps me see and helps my headaches subside which I’m receiving right now.

Talking a few steps I reach my locker and pelt my text books into it not caring if I made a dent on the sides of my locker as the books bounced from side to side.

Following Echo’s path to what I presume was the cafeteria since there was a too big sign just above the double door. I stop and realization hit me.

I’m actually a horrible human being. This is how it’s always going to be. Arrive at a new school, piss off everyone who at least tries to help me and repeat. It’s a vicious circle. Perhaps, everyone that bullied me and called me names because I was always a downer and looked depressed, it all makes sense to me now.

This has got me thinking, maybe it’s just that my expectations are so high from my old life that I expect it to be the way it used to but I know deep down inside that it can never be that way again no matter how many schools I enroll in and so if I let people in then they will all just leave me again just like everyone did in my old life. Nothing will ever change.

But truthfully, all Echo did was be nice and kind to me and I was an idiot to her, from her pointing out the good people to the people I shouldn’t even associate myself with, I.e. the sluts and jocks because to use Echo’s wording “They’re all faggots and deserve to die” which earned a chuckle from me and me pushing her to breaking point about her future I have no say in. I’m an arse. I think this is the time I should start letting people in, I’m not getting any younger and it looks like ‘she’ will never come back since it’s been what? 3 years. Not saying I want to get in with Echo but since the accident I must admit I’ve been shutting down people out and turn to things that I’m not proud of thinking let alone speaking. I was in a dark time you can simply say. But out of all the schools I’ve been to this school felt different and I must admit Echo has a big impact because in other schools when people took one look at me they thought I was either a nerd because of my glasses or a goth since I wore black most the time which both isn’t the case. I only wear glasses because I’m partly blind and I wear black to blend into the crowd which doesn’t work because everyone seems to stare everywhere I go.

Echo has actually shown an interest in at least putting up with me since she endured me yapping on about something she is quite set on and me trying to change her mind so I guess that’s something right? I owe her an apology, luckily I have art next so I just need to bring a pencil and an eraser also it gives me a chance to see if throwing away Echo’s parent’s dream is worth it which I know it is since I have seen her small doodles and drawings on and in the cover of her exercise books.

Taking a deep breath I step through the doors to madness as loud chatter and people fills the rather large auditorium making me feel uncomfortable and quite claustrophobic as some students push and shove behind me.

Breathe Harry, breathe.

Getting in line, I grab a banana, orange juice and what looks like a ham and cheese sandwich and search the room for an empty seat which none is visible making me sigh in frustration.

Heading for the door I came through planning on sitting in the hallway, away from everyone until someone sounding like more than one person that is calling my name, which makes me turn around hoping it was still Echo even though I know her voice as it replays in my mind but I turn to see two too skinny almost anorexic girls in a mini skirt and a too revealing matching shirt which begs me to ‘turn away’ then ‘look this way.’

“Hey Harry!” one of them chirped, droning my name making it last a few seconds more than really necessary.


“Ohh, right I’m Christine and this is my friend Kristy!” she informed in a high pitched voice that is giving me another head ache as her friend looked up for the first time and did waved.

“Hey…” I repeated confused as to why they are staring at me.

Be nice.

“What’s up?” I rubbed my neck with my free hand as they stare at me with their wide lip stick smiles that do not look attractive.

“Ok. Since your new and all we thought you could sit next to us over there,” she turned around and pointed at what looks like the “jocks” table judging from the buff appearance and choice of clothing Echo specifically warned me against, “and me and Kristy can show you around as well,” She concluded.

“Umm, that’s nice and all but I don’t think that’s the best,” I awkwardly replied, “b-but thank you for the offer, I got to head to the toilet before last period starts. Excuse me” I walk around them both as they look shocked, scarred they will try to stop me.

Throwing my uneaten lunch in the bin just outside the auditorium I head to the toilet to wash my face with cold water and take a few moments to myself to try to prepare for art.  

On cue the bell sounds signaling that lunch is over and art is now upon me. I can do this.

Taking a bit more time I finally make it to the art class a few minutes late since Echo wasn’t there to show me the way and I had to rely on the outdated map which shows the long route and not the short route that includes an elevator right next to the class room. But Mr. Rhodes was quite fine with it making him my favourite teacher of today.

Searching, my eyes land in the corner of the room as Echo paints on the canvas perch in front of her. Admiring her beauty her long brown hair brushed over one shoulder as her back faces me and her conversed covered feet rests on the rods of the stool she sits on. I always found girls that wore converses all more attractive.

Stop. You don’t like her. I shake.

As the class chatters on, I quietly make my way towards her making sure I don’t disturb her which is kind of impossible with the amount of noise radiating from the other students. Looking past her my eyes fell on the painting she created and my jaw dropped to the floor. The painting is of what looks like hell with the black strokes covering the whole page in the form of a room, and there is a little girl that is curled up on the floor looking like she’s in pain? This is like me in a picture.

“Wow.” I whispered to myself as Echo looks at me over her shoulder.

“This is amazing” I admired making her blush.

“Umm… T-thanks” she stuttered dipping her brush into the clear cup filled with water to rid of the black from the bristles of the brush.

“Look, I’m sorry for before.” I muttered quietly not sure if she heard it but as she looked up knowing she did, “I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable and if you felt pressured but I just don’t want you to regret not becoming an artist and choose to be miserable in a life you clearly hate, like I’m doomed to live in,” Opps.

“What did you just say?” she questioned looking slightly shocked by my last comment.

“N-nothing” I stutter, hoping she would just let it go.

“So you give me advice and you can’t follow it yourself and you expect me to?” her voice rose.

“It’s different. You can do whatever you want and put your mind to but I’m here confused about who I even am and…and…” I stop.

“And what?”

“N-nothing...” I stammer and turn my head to avoid her curious gaze.

“Harry, you can do whatever in life to. I know I don’t know you considering we just met 4 hours ago but I know enough to say that you can get and do whatever you want.” She smiled, “Like in math you just arrived and you were helping me,” she laughed making me break into a smile, “that’s what I wanted to see,” as she poked my dimple again.

“T-thanks Echo”

“For what?”

“F-for making me smile. I haven’t in a long time”

“No problem,” she smiled, “So do you know how to draw as well?”



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