Elapsed (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

When Harry loses his memory, comes with it his life and her.
Getting his life back on track he starts up school again in his last year and meets someone new but is convince that there not right for each other even though he has never felt that way towards anyone before. But is he willing and able to give up his first love for his new love?


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2:






Harry’s POV:








Running into the school to avoid as much rain running down my neck as possible and it being impossible because it was pissing down. Walking into the school is not what I expected it to be at all. From the outside it looks like a poor unsuccessful rated school but walking in it looks like one of those immaculate strict private schools. Shit! What has mum enrolled me into? I’m never going to success here!




Walking down the corridor, lockers filled the walls either side of me making me feel like I’m in one of those typical movie set in America. This school must be really loaded. I mean it’s a public school after all, aren’t they supposed to be poor.




Finally finding the office which is located at the end of the corridor and wondering why it wasn’t at the front, I walk in. A hit of cinnamon and vanilla fills my nostrils reminding me of home, God I miss mum and Gemma. They both mean the world to me and not having them there to support me the way that they usually do is quite upsetting. But it’s for the best. You know for me to get better, and once I’m better than I can go back and be happy. Happy? Who am I kidding? I can never be happy without her.




“Hello? Can I help you” a busky woman around her 30s and 40s asked, taking me away from my subconscious.




“u-umm yes,” I replied taking small steps towards the desks that had ‘Reception’ written at the front in big bold black letters. “I’m Harry, I-I was transferred here from Holmes Chapel high school,” I drifted off hoping she has a clue of who I am.




“Ohh, of course! wait here for a sec” she disappeared into a room, most likely an office.




Waiting for her to come back adding that it’s been more than a minute, voices started coming from the room telling me there is someone else in the room which makes me anxious. Maybe it’s the principal? This is an office after all.




Letting it go I tap my fingers to the beat of the quiet playing radio in the background. This place gives me the chills actually.




A minute later she comes back with a stack of paper placing it on the desk.




“Here you go! This is your timetable and a map just in case you get lost but that is highly unlikely. Sorry if there are subjects on there that you are not particular interested in. Since you transferred in the middle of the year everything else was full,” She smiled apologetically.




“No, No! It’s fine!” Not wanting to argue and get on the bad side of receptionist. If I’m nice now I can easierly get out of lessons later since she’s head of the office, “I like Maths and legal studies and...” I drifted off as I stared at the other lessons I’m not particular fond off.




“Don’t worry Harry. You will warm up to the subjects; all the teachers are really nice and willing to help out if you put in the effort.” As she caught my scared expression.




“Yeah” is the only answer I can think off. “I guess I’ll get to…” checking my timetable, “biology” I smiled, trying to hide my fear.




Wait!” She called as I turned around planning on leaving. “I got someone to show you around the school.”




“No! I mean… That isn’t necessary. I know where biology is…” I trailed off as I scanned the map and pointed it out to her.




“Good. But I want you to make friends as well.” Has mum being talking to her?




“I already called her, she’s on her way now, so why don’t you just have a seat” That’s who she was talking to in the room on the phone.








“She?” I questioned.




“Yeah…” she staggered off as she started clicking the mouse and getting absorbed by the computer that is place on the desk.




Sighing and not bothering to reply I take a seat in the middle of the room and take out my phone, resting both my feet on the coffee table.




Opening the Facebook app I muffle a laugh and smile at my hometown friend’s statuses. God, I miss them all so much! I feel like everyone’s forgotten about me and they are all have moving on, from some friends going to university to others taking a gap year to travel the world either way they are all happy living there life’s without me while I’m here still at school repeating my last year. It’s good to know I’m forgettable.




Halfway down my timeline, liking a few funny pictures and statuses the door chimes, well this must be my tour guide. Finally! I’m getting a real big headache from the smell of vanilla wafting in the room. Don’t know how people can stand to be in this room.




“Hey Mrs. April!” the girl spoke as I slid my phone into my pocket. “Is that him?” she tried to whisper hoping I didn’t hear but knowing better that I did.




“Yes! This is Harry, Echo.” Gesturing with her hands for me to approach them, “and Harry this is Echo.”




“It’s so nice to mean you!” she extended her hand for me to shake.




“Yeah… me too” I replied, meaning her half way.




Taking her hand in mine and shaking it lightly a shocking feeling pulsed through my veins making me jerk my hand back. Looking up, I know Echo felt the same shock with the look on her face.




“Ok… Echo I think you should take Harry to class before you both are late.” She asked to break the silent tension.




“O-of course...” meeting my eye and looking away, “this way” She spoke as she walked quietly out the office without another word.




As she led, stopped and pointed out certain things I drifted off.








“99, 100… ahhh, 101! This is your locker. All your text books for each of your lesson are already in there for your convenience.” she span around, passing me the key.




“ahh thanks” I replied sticking the key into the lock, “u-umm where’s your locker?” I asked, not really interested but trying to break the tension and her stare from my face.




“U-umm just across from yours” she pointed, “Wait! I just need to get my biology text book for lesson” she explained as she skipped across the hall.




“Y-you do biology?” I stuttered more out of heaving my heavy test books into my bag than nervousness.




“Yeah!” she called, “It was kinder my parents’ choice. They want me to become a doctor or nurse” She sighed.




“You don’t like your parents?” I asked, generally interested as I looked at her staring into her locker.




“N-no.” She stuttered.




“U-umm they are pushing you into something you don’t wanna do?”




“U-umm something like that…” She responded after a few seconds.




“If you don’t want to become a doctor or nurse what do you want to become?” I kept questioning.




“Honestly?” she locked eyes with me.




“Honestly” I nod.




“U-umm….” She stares to the ground and looks up again “an artist.”




When I didn’t respond she went on, “I want to live off sell my paintings and drawings and be known all around the world for the artists I know I can be, but…”




“Your parents don’t accept it and are making you go to uni to become something you don’t want to do.” I finished.




“We-well there not making me go through school.” She retorted after a minute.




“Well… It sure sounds like it.” I mimicked.




“I can make my own decisions!” she snapped as she slammed her locker.




“Then why are you not chasing your dreams and going along with your parent’s plan?” I barked back.




“You don’t know me.” She ended, “come on” She fast-walked down the corridor, looking back a few times making sure I was following.




After a flight of stairs and a few corridors, we stopped in front of a class.




“All these classrooms on this floor are sciences type subjects from biology to physics to chemistry.” She explained as she pointed each type of classroom out. “Down the corridor and the first door on the left are the toilets”




I stayed silent not wanting to piss her off any further. “Ok. I must warn you. Miss. Conrad is really very bias so if you have any chance in hell of passing her class you have to suck up to her and be nice and considerate and since your good looking you should be able to pass her class with an A” I let out a small laugh which makes her crack a smile.




“You think I’m good looking?” I raised my eye brows which makes her stuttered.




“U-umm. Well it just slipped out” She didn’t deny it, “C’mon” she grabbed my arm as her other one pushed open the door.




“Miss. Conrad so sorry were late I was just showing our fabulous new student Harry around” I step to the side.




“Hi I’m Harry” I smiled making sure my dimples were showing as Echo stands there dumbfounded.




“Ohh it’s quite alright” she smiled, “it’s nice to meet you Harry”




“You too” I replied.




“Take a seat next to Echo,” she turned back to the whiteboard.




“You did good” Echo whispered as we sat down.




“I aim to please” I smiled as she took her pen and poked it into my dimple.




“Hey!” I pouted.




“Sorry they’re so adorable”




“Haha. You said I was good looking, fabulous and adorable in under 10 minutes. If you wanna have sex with me just say so”




“Haha. No. I only said you were fabulous because of the teacher and I called your dimples adorable not you” she spoke in a ‘matter of factly’ tone.




“And good looking?”




“Will you pay attention to the board please” she sighed and blushed.




I won.


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~ Plainsimple1d

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