Hermione Granger

Hi my name is Hermione Granger. Everyone here has heard of me from the Harry Potter Books and Movies. Everyone has heard or saw Harry's story from his point of view. I thought it was turn to for people to see my point of view.


5. The Shops

Hermione's mum POV-

I was shocked, a wizard, by golly i knew this wasn't a prank so I took the letter while mione was in the kitchen and read over an over the letter. Then I looked for the address of diagon alley I found it and I found the way to get in. I got in and wandered around a realised the money was different so I looked for the bank. I finally found the bank and traded my money for "Magic" money. I was amazed at this place. I saw a nice book shop and picked up 3 books, the book of owls, Hogwarts a History and the book of monsters. I payed in "Magic" money not sure what it was called. I found the "pet shop" and looked inside it was filled with amazing owls and cats and many more animals. I left and went to the candy shop and bought some candy for dessert. Then I left diagon alley and went to the shops for food for dinner. I arrived home and placed the books and some candy on miones bed. And went to help with dinner and put the other treats in the fridge.

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