Hermione Granger

Hi my name is Hermione Granger. Everyone here has heard of me from the Harry Potter Books and Movies. Everyone has heard or saw Harry's story from his point of view. I thought it was turn to for people to see my point of view.


3. Hogwarts?

Hermione's- POV

OMG I am a wizard my mum and dad are so happy let me explain what happened after mum gave me the letter-

M-look Hermione you have got a letter and it was delivered by an owl.

H- wow mum why an owl though?

M- I wouldn't know. Wow look it had the exact place on where you are.

H- what the hell

I opened the letter slowly it read like this

Dear Miss Hermione Granger,

We are more then happy to inform you that you have been accepted In to Hogwarts School Of Witch Craft And Wizardry.

Students shall be required to report to the chamber of reception upon arrival. The dates for which will be advised.

Please ensure that the utmost attention be made to the list of requirements attached with

We very much are looking forward to seeing you as part of the new Hogwarts

Professor Magonagall

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