Hermione Granger

Hi my name is Hermione Granger. Everyone here has heard of me from the Harry Potter Books and Movies. Everyone has heard or saw Harry's story from his point of view. I thought it was turn to for people to see my point of view.


4. A Wizard?

Hermione- POV

H- a wizard mum? Good one (giggle)

M- this is no joke unless it's your father cause this is pretty funny😃

M- honey come here please

D- yea darling what's wrong?

M- (gives him the letter) is this your joke

D- (reads through letter) what why would I do that to mione?

H- hahaha please stop joking

M-(looks and father)

F-(looks but at mum quizzically)

M- honey I'm going to the shops ok, just to grab something's for dinner and to clean my mind. Stay here with your dad.

F- Hermione please can you help me start dinner

F- bye honey

M- bye mum

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