Not a typical love story.



Skye P0V:

Mom: sweetie I have something to tell u --shakes u ----


Mom: cmon skye

Skye :yea...--eyes are closed--

Mom:look at me skye

Skye: yes mom...-sounds annoyed-

Mom:we are moving to California


Mom : we have to move to California for my job

Skye:ur kidding

Mom: skye i know u don't want to leave your friends-

Skye:MOM i cant believe u.

Mom: -sighs-

Skye: when do we leave mom

Mom: tomorrow.....

Skye: WHAT!!!!!

Mom: start packing skye..-leaves--

I grabbed my phone and told all my friends and now they are mad at me.Danielle my bestfriend said that she was too. Our parents work together.

My name is Skye Im 16 years old I have a 17 year old brother named Connor my favorite color is purple, I love dogs,candy,and singing.Everyone says that I have a nice voice and that I should sign with someone.Oh yea so 3 months ago I broke up with my ex-boyfriend Jason.He cheated on me with this girl names Jennifer.But that is the past I'm kinda excited about moving the cali i mean it could be fun right. I heard there are really cute boys in LA.Wink Wink.


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