When We Touch

This story is about a 17 year old girl named Lisa Martin. She is like the bad girl of her school and is always in trouble. One day after walking home she run's into Louis from one-direction....From that point on her life changed. she falls in love with Louis, but he don't feel the same, but then she meets Harry Styles...And later she finds that she is preg. but she don't know who the father is.


1. 1

Lisa's P.O.V


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock sounding off. I rose my body up and wen't to the bathroom. I washed my face and put some makeup on, then I pulled my hair up into a sloppy but cute bun, and then I put on my gun's and roses croptop tanktop with my white short shorts on...GET DOWN HERE YOU NO GOOD PEICE OF SHIT!!!I heard my dad yell to me. I quickly went down the stairs and went in the kitchen.. Yes dad, I asked shyly. WTF  ARE YOU FUCKING DOING UP SO EARLY LISA. He yeld to me...I looked at the ground then I answered him. I'm going to school I said as I looked back to him. DID YOU JUST TALK BACK TO ME YOU UGLY FUCK! He hallerd to me. No sur, I answerd to him. Your the most UGLYEST GIRL I'VE EVER SEEN, He said as he punched me. I'm sorry I replied to him as I walked outside. I walked to my school West End High. When I got there I went strate to the girls bathroom. I looked  at my swolen eye that was turning slightly purple. I barley touched it just so I could wipe my tears off from crying. I went to reach for my bag to grab some makeup to cover up my bruse, but I didnt have it with me. Oh..fuck I whisperd to myself as I started to think on what to say if someone ask me what happend to my face. After thinking of something I came up with just telling people that I fell on something. I walked to my teacher Mr. Mcalyn's room. When I walked in he looked up at me and yeld YOUR LATE AGIN.  I smiled and looked at him. YUP I SURE AM, AND IM SO GLAD YOU FUCKING GIVE A SHIT ...DADDY I said dramaticly as I took my seat at the back of the class.

Okay so your more than likely confused on what is going on. let me explain...

I live with my step dad scott. My real dad died saveing my mom from a fire. Two years later my mom found scott at a bar. Then a year after that they got married, and then a year later she died from canser. I was made to live with scott since I dont have any family. He started to drink and now he is abusive. Okay so that basicly it so now back to my story.

After seven hrs. of pure torture I started to walk home. I takes 30 minutes to walk from my school to my house, but I normally stop and walk through the park. I walked to a little pond and looked at my reflction.Then I seen a person come up behind me through the reflction. I turned around and gasped....Hey I said as I looked at him in total suprise. Hey love he responded. You-r--your Louis from One direction I said in a smile. Yeah and you are? he asked me. Im lisa I replied back to him. Cool name he said as he brushed a strand of my hair behind my ear...


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