We've Been Through It All

Tori has been best friends with Harry since she was born. They're been through thick and thin together. Break-ups to marriages. But, when one of his best lads comes into the picture, how will it affect their relationship?


1. We're Friends

                                                                         *"I love you, but this isn't right...."* 

"On a scale from 1-10, how bad of a boyfriend could I actually be?" Harry asked running up to where I was sitting in the courtyard. 

"Huh, dumped again?" I asked, only regretting the words as soon as they came out. I couldn't stand looking at those Hazel eyes, and those natural curls that my best friend held. He looked at me, one eyebrow raised. "I mean, what happened?"

"That's a better choice of words love, and I wouldn't necessarily say she dumped me. Her friend Alli came to my table and gave me the news. But, I'm kind of happy. Ya know? We can be single together." He said, smiling just enough for his dimples to show. 

"Yeah..." I trailed off, focusing more on my Cosmetology book. Flipping a page, I look up. "Why don't you sit? You kind of look like my father staring down on me like that."

He takes a seat, and looks back at the glass door that he came through. We sent silently for 10 minutes until the bell rings. We both get up, and walk towards the door. He opens the door for me and I walk through, waiting for him on the other side. 

"So, what are you doing Saturday?" Harry asks.

"Um, I don't know why?" I ask. 

"Hmm how about, we have a movie date? I haven't seen your mom in a while." Harry grins.

I laugh a little too hard, "You're still on my mom? She's like 20 years older than you, you don't have a chance. Plus she has a cocky-idiotic boyfriend." 

"Yes, but I'm cocky and idiotic." Harry says.

"Yeah, but you're also underage." I add.

"Oh lets not talk about anyone being underage, mate. Aren't you the one who likes one of my best lads?" He teases. "Oh what's his name... Zaaaayyy" 

"You better not!!" I yell. 

"Haha, I won't. Not when he's behind us." Harry says, turning around. "Hey ZAYN!!" 

I turn to look too, hoping Harry was lying. But, nope. Sure enough Zayn was at the vending machine, getting a soda. He looks up and nods. Bends down, and starts to walk towards us. I feel my face start to burn. I want to turn around and walk towards my class with Harry, but I don't want to be rude. But, standing here, looking like a tomato was not helping. 

"Hey, mate," Zayn say, slapping hands with Harry. Then he looks down at me. The youngest of the three of us. "Hi. Um, Tori. Right?" 

"Ye, yeah." I choke. I look over at Harry who, had the biggest smile on his face. 

"We were just walking to, gym. Care to join?" Harry invites.

"That does sound nice, but I better get back to my girl. She'll never stop bitching, about spending too much time with friends. So I'll see you around?" He said. 

"Yeah. Of course." Harry says, and Zayn glances from Harry to me and back to Harry. 

"Oh, no. No, no, no. We're not. We're not dating." I say. "We're just friends."

"Oh, cool." Zayn says, backing away. Before he turns and walks away he winks at me.

"Haha, could you be any nervous lad?" Harry says.

"Shut up, lets just get going." I say, stomping towards the gym.


"Okay, dip-shits and cunts. We're playing soccer. You all know the rules, get in teams." Coach said, in a unpleasant voice. Sometimes, I wonder how she hasn't gotten fired yet. How does she get away with the way she talks to us? "Tori, you're goalie. So get your ass in one of those nets. I wanna see you actually play, and make sure to bend over right." And did I mention, I that she's pretty gay for the girls?

I walk over to the net, and step behind the line. Everyone looks at me with total disgust, well except Harry. 

"Get into teams, dammit." Coach yells, and the first one to run over to my side is Harry. All the popular girls go to the other side, except Anna, who has the biggest crush on Harry. I look over my team, and notice there's a couple of girls that don't usually talk to me, and some pretty nice looking guys also. Which make me wonder why, I not pretty, and I definitely don't talk much. Coach blows the whistle and throws the ball in. I watch all the players run towards the ball, like the Hunger Games, when all the kids go in for the weapons. Then, I look across the field at the other goalie. It's Zayn's girlfriend, and she freaking staring daggers at me. I sit there staring for a couple of minutes and change my glance back to the game, and right when I look back the soccer ball smacks me in the face. I fall to the ground.

"OH SHIT!!!" "DAAAAAMMN" I hear people yell. 

"God, TORI!!! You can't catch the freaking ball with your face!" Coach yells, and everyone laughs. "Harry, love? Take her to the nurse, before we all drown in her blood." 

"Yes, sir...MAM. Yes, mam," Harry says, and scoops me off the floor. I can feel each hard step and Harry takes me to the nurse. "That was quite a hit to the face." 

"Yeah, you don't say." I said, obviously not wanting to talk.

"But, I have to say, you took it like a man." He says, and he releases his bridal style hold on me. I slip out, and barely land on my feet, pulling hard on his shirt. 

"Oh, sorry," I say, and look up towards him. My eyes slowly making their way up his shirt, and that's when I stop at his shirt. "Oh, man I'm really sorry about your shirt." There was blood all over it. I felt horrible. I didn't even know that I was snuggling into his chest. I seriously have no idea whats happening today. I've never been so into Harry today, noticing every cute detail about him. Like his smell, his dimples, the way his curls intersect each other, how his raspy voice makes me shiver. 

"Hello!? Earth to Tori. You there?" Harry asked.

I looked at him, "What?" I asked. Kind of mad that he broke off my train of thought. "I'm here." I looked the door with 'Nurse's office' on it. "Oh, yeah. I forgot. I must have a concussion of something." 

"Here, let me walk you in?" Harry asks, and without waiting for my response, he takes my hand and walks me in. 

"Hi, how may I help..YOU!? Oh, dear!! Your nose honey!!! What happened?" She asked. 

"She tried to catch ball a 100mph ball with her face," Harry chuckles.

I roll my eyes at his dramatic statement, "I got hit with a soccer ball in the face." 

"Here, here sit down," she pats at the chair, and looks at Harry. "You two came from gym correct? I will need you to go get her clothes, and your clothes. But first, you'll have to wash her blood off, before you get a disease." 

I shoot a glare at the back of her head. What does she mean? I don't have aids, or anything. They both leave, and I'm left alone. About 5 minutes which felt like hours passed by and someone started wiggling the door handle, so I hit the door handle with me foot, unlocking the door. 

"Hey, is the nurse.....Holy shit." Zayn says, his eyes wide. "What happened?" 

"I got hit in the face." I said.

"With what, a frying pan? Oh god, that looks horrible." He says, coming to take a closer look.

I couldn't help but look at his face as it was inches away from mine. Why couldn't this happen at a different time?

"Wow, I'd say you have a broken nose." He says.

"Hm-hmm, thanks for the diagnoses, doc." Harry says, throwing the clothes on the counter. "See, you miss one day of gym lad, and all the action happens."

"Yeah, my face gets even more uglier." I say. 

"You're not ugly," they say, at the same time. Which cause me to blush, super hard. 

"Thanks," I say, turning my gaze towards the door, wanting the awkwardness to go away. 

"You're beautiful," Harry says, "and I really don't see anything ugly about you. Right, Zayn?"

"Yeah, nothing at all." He says.

"Hey, what's going on a party? I need you guys to move out the way. Harry go wash off, Zayn what can I help you with?" The nurse said.

"I came to drop of these papers," He says handing them over. "I guess, I'll be on my way." And just like that he left.

"Now, lets get to you and nose, aye?" She say, reaching for gauze and medical tape. 

After some wipes here and tears there, she was all done. "Here ya go, nice and pretty again. What do you think Harry?" 

"I'd give her a 10." He winks.

"Okay, now get dressed and come to my desk when you're done." The nurse says, and leaves.

I hop down off the chair and walk toward the counter where Harry placed my clothes. "Get out." I say, with my back facing him. 

"Aw, come on. I'm not gonna look, I think I have a little more respect than that. And besides, we're been friends sense kindergarten." Harry says.

"Harry, just get out." I say.

"Ugh, okay, I'll be by the door." He says.

I hurry up and get dressed, and walk out.

"Wow, that was fast. Now, tell me why I couldn't stay?" He asked. 

Ignoring him, I walked to the health desk, and get my pass. We walked back to the gym, just as the final bell rang. Meaning it was time to go home. We picked up our speed and got our belongings. 

"Do you have a ride home?" He asked?

"Nope, do you?" I asked.

"Do I ever?" He said. 

"Well, looks like we're walking buddies." I said. 

"Yep." He said, "Can we hold hands?" 

"Um, sure." I said, "What are best friends for right?"























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