We've Been Through It All

Tori has been best friends with Harry since she was born. They're been through thick and thin together. Break-ups to marriages. But, when one of his best lads comes into the picture, how will it affect their relationship?


3. The Morning After

"Hey sleepy head," Harry said as I was waking up. "How was your sleep?"

I looked over at him, he wasn't in anything but boxers. "It was fine." 

"Well, get up lets go get breakfast." He said, he reached down for my hand.

I took it and got up. He looked at me for a intense moment. "What?"

"Your hair is like, all over the place." He said, grinning from ear to ear. "Here let me fix it."

"Haha, no I got it." I said, and finger combed through my hair. "Does it look okay?"

"Yeah," He said. "I gotta get dressed, so I'll meet you downstairs?" 

"Sure." I said, but really I was wondering why he just didn't want to get dressed in front of me. 

Once I got down stairs, I was surprised to see Harry's mom sitting at the island in the kitchen. She looked up and smiled. "Hey, Tori." She said so calmly. If my mom saw Harry come from upstairs she would lose it. "How was your night?"

"It was fun." I said, shortly.

"That's nice. I could tell when I came to check on Harry. You should of seen you two, all cuddled up with each other. Just like when you were babies." She said, with the sweetest smile. I just looked at her. " Want some coffee?"

"Yeah, that would be good." I said, getting up and walking towards the coffee pot.

"You know, Harry has liked you for a while." She said, which caught me off guard. 

"Oh really?" I said, cleaning up the coffee I spilled on the counter. 

"Mhmm." She hummed. "So, what did you to do last night?"

"We just watched a movie," Harry said coming out of nowhere. He came to his mom hugged her and took a sip of her coffee. " and I got laid." 

"Harry..." His mom and I both said. 

He laughed, "Haha, you know I joking mom."

"Yes, cause Tori's way too classy for such things." She said.

"But we did kiss." He said.

"Once!" I added.

"But it was long." He grinned. 

"Oh you love birds. Let me just say I'm happy for you." She said, getting up from the counter. " I got to get to work." She moved to Harry and kissed him on the cheek. Then came to me and hugged me. "Take good care of him." She said, and gave me a kiss on the cheek too. "And tell your mother to all me, I miss my best friend."


"So what do you want to eat?" Harry said, when we got in the car.

"I want to go home and change." I said.

"Why, no one knows you're in the same clothes except me." 

"Well, I feel gross."

"Okay, I'll take you home."

"Hey, if you have a car, then why do you walk home?" 

"Because, I like walking with my best friend." He said, looking over at me with a smile on my face.

I couldn't help but smile and blush. "You know, your mom thinks we're going out"

"Well, why not make it true?" He said.

I sat quietly for a couple of minutes, weighing my options. Either I keep an awkward relationship with Harry, or give him a chance. He would be my first boyfriend, and why not go out with him. I trust him more than anyone. "Is that your way of asking me out, cause then the answer is no."

"My dearest Tori, would you so ever go out with thy Harry Styles?" He asked. We both laughed. 

"I'll give you one more chance to ask me properly." I chuckled.

"Okay," he cleared his throat. "Tori will you go out with me?" 

I never thought of the cheesy come back I would have to say, would it be dumb to just say yes, or should I nod yes. Should I repeat what he said? So I took the safe route and nodded. 

"I didn't hear your answer." He said.

"I nodded!" I said.

"Well, as a safe driver, I must keep my eyes on the road at all times." He joked.

"Oh my gosh Harry, yes I will go out with you." I said.

"See no was that THAT bad?" He asked.

"No not really." I said.

"Good, now get out. We're at your house." He said.

I got out of the car and walked towards the door. "Are you coming inside?" 

"Na, I'll wait in the car." He said. 

I turned back around and went in the house. The door seemed to never be locked. 

"Where did you go?!?!" My mother asked. "You had me worried sick about you."

"I'm sorry but where do I always go?" I said, not buying her crap.

"I don't know! But let someone know where you're going next time you leave!" She yelled. 

"Its not like you'll listen." I said. "Anyway, I went to Harry's." 

"AND YOU SPENT THE NIGHT?!?!" She yelled even louder. 

"Mom, we didn't do anything." I added.

"Sure you didn't." Her boyfriend added. 

"I'm sorry, but was anyone talking to you?" I asked.

"Hey, don't talk to him like that." She said. 

"Oh really, don't talk to HIM like that but he can call ME a slut?" I said. 

"Don't use those words on me! And who knows what you and he did." She said.

I just looked at her. Why does she find it okay to go against me all the time? "Ever sense you got together with that scumbag on the couch you've treated me like shit." I said. 

"That because you are a little shit." He said.

I looked at her with tears in my eyes. But nothing came out towards him. Absolutely nothing. I turned and walked up the raggedy stairs. I took a shower and changed into fresh clothes. I looked at my self in the mirror. My eyes were red. There wasn't a point in covering it up, so I just focused on my hair. I pulled it into a pony tail and left the bangs. I put on my shoes, and walked back down stairs. My mom was all cuddled up to the slob on the couch, and was too focused in the conversation on what to do with me, so I slipped out the door, running to Harry's car.

"That took longer than I expected." He said, cracking a smile to the side.

"Yeah, I ended up taking a shower." I said, keeping the argument to myself. 

"Did you decide of what you want to eat?" He asked. 

"Nope, totally slipped my mind." I said.

"Haaaa, okay." He breathed, "Lets just go to the bakery. There's nothing better than sweet deliciousness for breakfast."




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