We've Been Through It All

Tori has been best friends with Harry since she was born. They're been through thick and thin together. Break-ups to marriages. But, when one of his best lads comes into the picture, how will it affect their relationship?


4. Do It :)

Author: Lol, long time no write.... Sorry 'bout the long wait, and lot's of grammatical/ punctuation issues. Welp, let's get along to it...


Harry pulled into the bakery "employee only parking lot" and parked in a parking spot.

"We're here love," he said with a cheeky grin.

"Yay," I said, still thinking about earlier.

"Well, let's get out and enjoy some fresh baked goods," he said, reading my face. I looked over t him and gave a shy smile. He smiled back and got out the car, walking over to my side. He opened my door and I got out, and we started walking hand-in-hand towards the back entrance of the bakery.

Not even two steps into the door, the smell of delicious goods swirled in my nose. The smell just instantly made you feel at home, and everything felt okay.

"Hey, Harry," one of Harry's co-workers said to him.

"Hello," Harry answered, smiling from ear-to-ear. He couldn't hide the fact that she was his favorite in here.

"What's up, you taking Tor here on a date?" She said, gently punching him on his arm.

"Yeah, just came in to grab some of the best in town." He bragged.

"Well, there's no place like us," She said, winking at me. "Hey, did you tell her about 'that thing' yet?"

"No, I didn't actually. I haven't gotten around to it, but I guess I could couldn't I?" Harry said.

"What 'thing'?" I asked, totally confused.

"I'll tell you later." He replied. "Let's get some food and then sit down?"

"Yeah," I said.

He walked to his co-worker and gave her hug and kiss on the cheek. Then walked back o me and led my to the other side of the bakery. We sat at a empty isolated booth.

"So, what do you want?" He said.

"I would like..." I started, only to get cut off by him.

"The double chocolate do-nut, with whip-cream in the middle? You weirdo." He said smiling.

"Yeah," I said, chuckling to myself. "You know it all."

He winked at me and leaned across the table for a kiss. I leaned and met his lips. He pecked mine and got up way too soon. I watched him walk behind the counter and grab his girly apron. He looked back at me and caught me staring. He just laughed it off and got the donuts. He walked back to our booth and sat next to me.

"Thanks," I said.

"No problem love, its on the house....or my pay check at least." He said, wrapping his arm around me, sending chills down my back and swarming butterflies in my stomach. I looked in his eyes, and got lost. "Are you gonna eat, or..."

"Oh, yeah. Haha, sorry." I blushed. I started to eat my do-nut, but felt awkward with Harry just sitting there watching me. "Are you going to eat too? I feel kind of awkward with you watching me."

"Haha, sorry. Just making jokes in my dirty mind. But not too dirty, I have more respect than that." He reached for his weird looking funnel cake thing. "You want some?"

"Nah, I'm good, with this," I said, then looked at him. I wanted to ask him about the thing him and his co-wroker were talking about. "So what were you going to tell me?"

He dropped his pastry on his plate. "I think I'm gonna audition for the Xfactor."

"Oh, that's good!" I squealed. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I don't know." He said.

"Well, you should definitely do it, and now I'm gonna make you." I said.

He smiled, and gave me hug. We finished eating in silence and then left.

"Harry, I don't want to go home." I said.

"Do you want to spend the night again?" He asked.

"I don't want to be a burden on you and your mom." I said. "I'm already a burden on my mom and her boyfriend."

"You're not a burden on your mom, and you're definitely not a burden to me. You can come stay with me as long as you like." He said.

"I just feel like she doesn't want me around," I said, trying to keep in the tears.

"That's not true, and you know it." He said. "She's just struggling right now, you know."

"Yeah, maybe. But she doesn't seem like it. It was her fault for the divorce." I added.

"You know, its really hard to cheer you up sometimes." He said.

"Yeah I know." I said.









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