My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


38. USA

Mackenzie POV

Today's the day we fly to America! I'm pretty excited, i mean i've never been to America it seems like a pretty cool place. The only things I'm worried about is the fact that Niall's ex-crush is there. I mean I am a little jealous she is Demi Lovato. She's am amazing singer and actress and I'm sure she pretty cool. It's not that I don't trust Niall it's just that things have been great lately and i don't want it screw it up.Niall and I also don't have the best luck with other people coming into our relationships especially people who we used to like. (Barbara,Brody)

Niall POV

I'm so excited to introduce Kenzie to Demi. I mean Demi's cool and I'm sure Kenzie is going to like her. Demi and i agreed to meet up once we land. I haven't told Kenzie yet because let's face it we just got back together and i don't want to ruin anything.

"Niall hurry up and get your slow girlfriend going we are going to miss our flight!" someone yelled from through the door.

"We're coming" i yelled back

"Kenzie are you excited about going to America?"

"super! I've never been and i'm excited to see everything. Harry promised he take me touring of all the place we stop at."

"cool maybe you and I could go see some stuff" I said nervously.

come on Niall man up.

Kenzie and i walked down to meet the others.

"you love birds ready."

"yep let's go"

we got in the car the back way and made it to the airport. we got on a private jet so we didn't have to go through security. Once we got on the plane everyone was pretty tiered and we all just slept. Kenzie laid her head on my shoulder. It's amazing how we just fit together like a puzzle.

"Kenzie wake up, wake up baby girl" I whispered softly

She just horned and looked at me

"I love waking up to you"

"And I love seeing you" and I poked her nose.

"Barf barf gross" Louis made gagging noises in the back

"Whatever Lou"

"Oh Kenzie I love you and I want to have babies with you!" he mocked

"Shut up Lou" Harry growled

Kenzie just blushed. I would like to have a family with her. Baby steps, baby steps

We got off the jet and in to the car. Our first stop Miami Florida.

"I'm so excited we get to go to the beach all the time and see hot surfer boys" she swooned

"Well we still have to work Kenzie so no you are not going to the beach"I growled

"I can do what I want" she just laughed oh so she thinks this is funny?

I looked at her "no way am I letting you out in a tiny tiny bikini to show off your body without my protection no way"

"Oh come on Niall I'm just kidding. Your the only one for me" and she kissed my cheek

"Ya ya"

Once we got to the hotel there was tones of paparazzi. They were all yelling stuff like

"Niall are you dating Demi behind Kenzie's back?"

"Are you going to go see Demi?"

Kenzie did well she just kept her head down and ignored everything. I could tell the paparazzi were getting to her cause the grip on my hand got tighter. Once we decided our rooms. (Harry and Kenzie. Zayn and Louis. Liam and I) we decided to go out to diner to celebrate the launch of our North American leg of the tour.

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