My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


12. Trouble in paradise

Mackenzie POV

After dance I got s text from Brody asking me if i wanted to hang out. he said that Harry had texted him saying i needed to talk to my best friend. (Brody and Harry are good friends). i decided i was't ready to talk to Niall and i would probably say something i would regret. i cant help but think maybe Niall and I rushed in to things when we barley even knew each other.

Brody POV

I'm gonna talk to Mackenzie and help her threw her Niall issues cause thats the kind of friend i am and maybe she will realize she is meant to be with me.

Mackenzie POV

i drove to Brody's house and walked right in there he was sitting shirtless watching tv. WOW! he was hot. no i can't think of him like that he's only my best friend noting or more and i have Niall.

"hey brody"

""hay girl hay. i heard there's some trouble in paradise, whats going on?"

" well Niall has been seen with Barbara Palvin"

"the model?"

"ya and it makes me really insecure i mean she is beautiful and a model and I'm just plain old Kenzie"

"Don't say that you're amazing and beautiful don't if you are worried about Niall cheating on you than you and him should talk about it."

" I know but why would he want plain old me when MILLIONS of girls are throwing themselves and him"

" he chose you remember he must have feelings for you. You should talk to him"

"thanks Brody you always know what to say"

"on a better note I bought all your favourite candies let watch movies and i will even let you pick the movie"

"Ok let's watch mean girls"

For the rest of the day Brody and i watched movies and talked about everything. I miss hanging out with him so so much. At 11 i decided it was time for me to go home i gave Brody a hug and a kiss on the cheek and went home. Once i got home I unlocked the door and saw there was a light on in the living room I went to go see who was up. There was Niall sitting watching tv. Once he saw me i knew i wasn't going to bed right away he and I had a lot to talk about.

"hey" was all he said.


"where did u got tonight i thought we were going to talk"

"well i ended up going to Brody's i needed some friend time"

"well can we talk now"


"look Kenzie I'm really sorry and i swear that Barbara an I didn't do anything i would never cheat on you"

"Thats good to here but maybe we should take things slow and start over I mean i knew you for what 1 week before we dated maybe we should be friends"

"No please don't do this to me i think I'm falling hard for you and i can't loose you"

As I looked in his blue eyes I knew that I couldn't give up now but i just needed some time to wrap my head around everthing.

"Niall here's what i'm thinking we don't break up but we just take a break like I can't date an other guys and you can't date an other girl and we take this slow and if we can take it slow we can see where that leads us"

" so you mean break up but not really?"


Niall POV

If this is the only way I'm going to get her than its a chance I'm going to have to take to win her heart again. I did it once so i can do it again.

its a long one this time should Brody and Kenzie have a date ? let me know you guys think i always like to hear feed back on how its going.


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