My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


41. the interview

Mackenzie POV

I woke up to Niall's face literally two inches from mine

"Hi princess"

"Good morning"

"Hurry up we have to go to the interview"

"Alright I'm coming"

Niall left and I put on some shorts and one of Niall's oversized sweaters and a pair of vans.

As we past the lobby I picked up an apple. Today's is our last day Miami, tomorrow we head for Dallas,Texas. I walked out the door and got in to the car. Everything was pretty awkward because Harry's still mad at me and I'm still mad at him. We got to the interview. I sat on a couch in the back while the boys sat on a couch on stage.

"Hello boys of one direction! How are you?"

"We are doing well thanks."

"So let's get right into it. How many of you are single?"

Nobody raised their hands. My heart dropped because Niall and I aren't dating but he's single?

"Liam, Louis and Zayn we already know the lucky girls are but Niall, Harry care to enlighten us on the subject?"

"Well I'm not really dating anyone but someone already has my heart" when Niall said that he looked right at me.

"Care to tell us who this girl is Niall?"

"Umm not I don't think so"

"Alright, Harry who's you special lady friend?"

"She and I are just a thing and the girl is Kendall Jenner"

"Harry you seem a little out of it today is there anything bothering you?"

"Oh not really it just sucks when people you love don't like your girlfriend because they're being selfish."

My mouth dropped. How could he?! He knew she was a bitch to me!

The interviewer just asked some more questions about the tour, their music and their upcoming projects. I dazed out into space for awhile and once I snapped out of it the boys were done their interview.

As soon as I got up Niall came up to me and gave me a bouquet of rose with a note that said:


You are the girl that stole my heart and i don't want it back as long as I can have yours. <3 will you go out with me tomorrow night in Dallas?

Yours truly


I looked at Niall and nodded my head yes. He gave me hug and we walked to the car smiling. Once in the car all the boys kept looking at us and smiling. I knew that they knew that's no surprise, the surprising thing is that Harry didn't give Niall the big brother talk. He's mad at me so I guess I won't have a protecter for a while. I guess that sorta a good thing but I'm sick and tiered of Harry and I not talking. I miss my big brother...

This is just a sort one to situate you guys. Love you all!! Keep commenting so I know to keep going.


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