My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


25. the dance

Mackenzie POV

I got out of bed this morning happy and sad all at the same time. Why you ask? Because the dance is tonight, Niall's not going to be here so Veronica and I are going together as each other's date. I woke up got dressed did my hair and pick up Veronica in my way to school. Once we got there guess who was waiting for us by the gate. You guesses it Jake Taylor... Veronica and I got out of the car. Veronica said she had to go to the office to talk to the vp about something.

"Hey babe"

"Don't call me that Jake"

"So look I'm really sorry about what I said lately I was really out of line and I was wondering in you and Veronica would like to go as friends."

I thought about for a minute I mean he was a jerk but something told me to trust him and I mean Niall's not going to be here so it can't be that big of a deal right.

"Sure I guess you can come."

"Cool I'll pick you girls up at 7 at your house?"

"Yep bye"

Jake POV

I did it she coming with me, she's going to fall for me and I will finally have her.

Niall's POV

I may be in the states but I'm coming back to Holmes chapel for Kenzie's school dance tonight I've got and amazing surprised planned I'm so excited! I'm in the airport right now ready to leave for Holmes Chapel.

Mackenzie POV

School went by pretty fast everyone was buzzing about some surprise for the dance tonight. After school Veronica and went home to get ready. I jumped in the shower once I was done I got my hair done and did my make up Veronica did the same it's was 645 so Veronica and I got our dresses on and did our final touches. Before we left I got a phone call.

Phone call

(N-Naill M-Mackenzie)

N- hey baby are you ready for the dance tonight

M- I'm so excited I just wish you were here.

I think I should tell him about jake come with is to the dance.

M- so babe I have to tell you something. You know jake taylor?

N- ya that jerk that hits on you all the time

M- ya him he's coming with me and Veronica to the dance cause he apologized and everything and said he was sorry for being a jerk.

N- Kenzie you need to be careful. I don't want you to go with him

M- why it don't you trust me!?

N- ya I trust you it's him I don't trust.

M- whatever Niall bye

I can't believe he doesn't trust me

"babe it's ok"

"No Veronica relationships are based on trust and he doesn't trust me"

" Honey maybe he's right I mean it does seem kinda weird"

"I guess you're right but jakes here let's get going"

Jake was waiting for us in his car

"You ladies look lovely"

"Thank you"

Veronica and I responded.

We pulled up to the dance and we all walked inside. Everybody was dancing. Veronica found some hot football player and they went off together leaving jake and I. A slow song came on and jake asked me too dance. I said sure why not I mean it better him than some Radom guy. As we were out on the dance floor our class president Brianna James took the microphone.

"Hello student body, we have a special group of boys here tonight they are here to sing some of their songs I hope you all enjoy."

Thats weird I wonder who it is

"Ladies and gentlemen ONE DIRECTION!!!!"

OMG Niall.

The boys came on stage and started singing half a heart. I smiled at the thought that Niall wrote that song for me. Jake asked me if I wanted to dance I told him u was going to go wait backstage for Harry. Right as I was about to leave Jake grabbed my waist and kissed me right on the lips. The kiss was weird it didn't feel right I got no butterflies, no fireworks and that's the moment I knew I love Niall. After that kiss I ran backstage and waited for the boys I knew Niall saw what happened but I need to explain to him that I was in love with him. After their song the boys came backstage the all hugged me, and went to go talk to the people in the gym. I went to see Niall he just looked at me with red eyes I knew he was going to cry.

"What is that why he came with you to the dance so you guys could go behind my back."

"Niall it's not what it looks like"

"Oh well then please enlighten me Kenzie what happened"

"He kissed me !!! I swear"

"Ya whatever Kenzie I'm out find me when you figure out your feelings."

As he was running for the door I shouted I love you but he was gone... I just broke down and cried


What do you guys think can't their relationship just go as planned... Any good ship names for Kenzie and Niall. Let me know feedback is alway a motivator.


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