My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


26. the dance part 2

Niall POV

How could she do that? I thought her and I were good together? I thought she liked me? With all these thoughts running through my head I knew I needed a brake. I'm just hoping she'll come after me.... I know what your thinking isn't he just a little baby. You all think I should man up and go let her explain but the thing is, is that if I saw her I would probably beg her to take me back even if she was wrong. Why you cause I'm in love with her and that's what being in love does it makes you lose all will power against that one person.... Man I'm whipped. As I was sitting here at the beach were Kenzie and I had our first date. I see a shadow come near... Can it be is it her... No never mind it's just Harry

"Hey mate. Mind if I take a seat?"


"So I found Kenzie crying in the bathroom. You want to tell me what happened"

When it came to Kenzie Harry always got more mature. He was more like a father than an older brother.

"Well first of all she went to the dance jake then the danced together and the he kissed her."


"He kissed her?"

"Exactly he kissed her"

"So what's your point"

"She didn't want to kiss him and besides Kenzie's a smart girl if she was going to cheat on you she wouldn't do it when you're in the room"

"I guess maybe I should let her explain before I freak out"

"Good now go find your princess"

"I will"

And with that I went off to the house to find her. Once I got to the house I yelled her name

"KENZIE!! Where are you"

Nothing but silence

I went upstairs to check in her room. I knocked on the door.

Nothing but silence

I opened the pink door, I could feel it in my bones that something was wrong. As I opened the door I saw a sight that scared me to death.....

Hahaha Cliffhanger 😈 sorry guys don't worry I will either update tonight or tomorrow. Do you guys have anymore ship names for Niall and Mackenzie? What about jakenzie (jake and Mackenzie) what do you think naill saw in that room.


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