My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


10. the club

Mackenzie POV

Me and the girls decided to get ready together.

After hair, makeup, and getting dressed we head down stairs, where all the boys are. The boys mouths hang open. I walk over to Niall and whisper in his ear.

"Close your mouth babe you're gonna catch flies"

And I walk I away sassily. I was feeling confident today the world was just agreeing with me. I have an amazing boyfriend, great best friends and an extrodinharry brother (see what I did there haha).

Niall POV

Mackenzie looks amazing I'm a little worried cause all the boys are gonna be after her. Hopefully she stays by my said and nobody ruins how happy we are right now.

Mackenzie POV

Once we get to the club guess who I spotted Barbara.

Niall POV

Once we get to the club I spot Barbara oh oh.

Mackenzie POV

I decided to jot pay much attention to Barbara so I decided to go dance with the girls. While we're dancing I see HER talking to the boys. My jealous side comes out, I mean she's model who wouldn't be. I decided to go see Niall.

Niall POV

Barbara is talking to us it couldn't be more awkward, I mean she's my friend and all but I don't think Mackenzie will like it. Oh speaking of my princess her she is. Kenzie comes and sits on my lap. I like it it's just her in this dress just does thugs to me that I would rather the whole club not see. She starts kissing my neck. I have to use everything I have to hold out a moan.

" Babe not her ok"

That came out a little harsher than I hoped but she has to understand her brother is sitting right across from me, giving me the evil eyes I might add.

Mackenzie POV

FINE. Niall doesn't want me so he can flirt with Barbara, fine I will go dance with my girls. After a bit of dancing I decide I want to go back home. On my way back to the table I see that Niall and Barbara are at the bar talking and laughing.

" hazza will you take me home I'm tiered"

" fine but why don't you go get Niall"

" I'm mad at him"

And with that Harry and u sneak out the back.

Niall POV

Kenzie just left but the beer is starting to get to me so I'm gonna go dance with Barbara. I'm aloud to do that she is just my friend.

Mackenzie POV

Once I get home kiss my brother on the cheek and go to my room I take a quick shower and check my emails. There is an email drone my dance teacher saying that I have practice tomorrow morning. Since I dance in the morning I decide to go to bed early. I hope niall doesn't do anything with Barbara....

What do you guys think? Sorry I couldn't update but I will try and get another chapter up this weekend. Is Niall faithful?


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