My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


3. The beach

Mackenzie POV

I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs. I went downstairs to find my brother and his friends eating breakfast.

"Morning Harry"

"Morning baby sis"

"Morning boys"

"Morning Kenzie Kinz"

"So what are we gonna do today"

"Let go to beach" Liam suggested

"Alright just let me go get my stuff"

So I ran upstairs to grab my pink bikini and some magazine and my iPod. I'm not the skinniest person but but I do like my body.

So I ran downstairs and got in to Harry's range rover and off to the beach we go. I sat beside Niall in the back while the other boys sat up front and Harry drove. Niall whispered " you look beautiful" in my ear and I blush like crazy I hope he didn't notice. Once we got to the beach I went and laid in the beach and started to work on my tan. When all of a sudden I felt some drips of water on my stomach I opened my eyes to see Niall... He picked me up and started running towards the water and threw me in. He jumped in after and we swam together for a while then he brought me under water and crashes his lips to mine. We went up for air I blushed and went to go see Harry.

Naill's POV

I can't believe I did it, I just kissed her. After she just left. Does she like me? Should I ask her out ? What will Harry say? The rest of the day I thought of that kiss, it was amazing, I felt the sparks did she feel it to? OMG I need to talk to Liam. On the way home she say beside me and she didn't say anything. When we got home she went to her room. I figured I should talk to her so that's what I did I went up to her room and opens the door to find her...

Cliff hanger if you guys have anything you want to say leave a comment. Should she and Niall go out or should there be a bump in the road.


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