My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


30. the beach again


Niall and I are doing well. I've left the hospital after the "incident" that happened a few days ago. Niall and I aren't dating we are just trying to figure things out. I'm still talking to Jake, I'm not going to cut all ties with him just because Niall's insecure. The boys postponed their tour for a week so that they would be there for me to recover. I want to tell someone about my problems but I'm worried that Niall won't like me anymore and harry will probably put me I a bubble If I tell him so I guess I'm stuck with it. Mom decided that I can go on tour with the boys now and I will switch to online school because I'm clearly more happy when I'm with them. I'm currently getting ready to go to the beach. With the boys Veronica couldn't come cause she was in school ahaha loser :)

Truth is I'm still a little nervous to go to the beach...

"Hey babe you ready"

"Yep almost done loubear"

I know what your thinking... No louis and I aren't dating we don't even like each other like that he and I just got closer when I was recovering.

I got dressed in high waisted jean shorts and a turquoise crop top. I grabbed my hot pink tube top bikini and went down stairs to Harry's car.

Once I got in the car all the boys were waiting.

"It's about time babe"

"Oh shut up Louis"

I could tell Niall was a little angry about Louis calling me babe but he would have to get over it. I don't even like Louis. After 10 minutes of being in a car with a baby saying "are we there yet" every five minutes, a case of rode rage, a baby freaking out because he forgot his hair products and one complaining he was hungry. We finally arrived at the beach. Some people would think we are crazy to go to the beach in the middle of September with the London climate but the it was surprisingly warm.

I laid my towel on the ground and just laid there soaking up the sun when I heard a little squeaky voice

"Niall thanks for inviting me"

At the mention of his name I shot up. Who was that and what the hell does she want.? I looked up and saw none other than Barbara Palvin.. I thought we got rid of her but I guess not.

"Oh hey Barbara it's good to see you thanks for coming I was hoping maybe you and Kenzie could hangout"

Was he crazy. There is no way I'm hanging out with that crazy boyfriend steeler.

"Oh ya of course."

I could here the disappointment but I could also see the smirk on her face what was she up too.

I know you guys think I'm crazy for wanting to add fuel to the fire but before I knew I was texting Jake asking if he wanted to skip the rest of the day and come to the beach with me. The boys and I were playing in the water while Miss perfect model was tanning. I splashed Niall he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and started running I was laughing and playfully pounding on his his back.

"Niall stop it haha, put me down I have a preposition"

"And what is that?"

"I will buy you lunch later"

"Fine now apologize for splashing me"


and I took of running towards the water hiding behind Harry's back

I was giggling uncontrollably. I saw a figure that I knew so well.



It was a big dramatic moment I jumped in his arm

He spun me around.

Niall had the biggest death glare on his face. It's his fault cause he brought Barbara here. Oh well.

"Kenzie can I talked to you please" Niall said with a clenched jaw.

"What Niall?"

"What is he doing here"

"You guys all went off in to your little groups so I felt left out. I invited jake to keep me company."

"You could've just asked and I would've hung out with you"

"Well you brought her here I didn't want to intruded"

"Bullshit Kenzie you know I will always be here for you"

"Alright fine let's go see the boys they're going to think I beat you up aha"

All in all today was a good day I may started off insecure about Barbara but Niall only really payed attention to me today. I also. Had fun with the boys and Harry. I think I might be ready to tell them what's been bugging me.

Its pretty long hope you guys like do you all like Kenzie and Niall or Kenzie and Jake let me know.


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