My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


18. that kiss

Mackenzie POV

I woke up the next morning to sounds down stairs. I walked down the stairs to see Harry and Kendall snogging on the couch ewww gross.

"Uh Harry what are you doing"

He blushed like crazy and said:

"Oh ummm I thought you left with the boys"

" well obviously not. Whatever I'm going to the studio"

Kendall gave me the dirtiest look. Like you're in my house snogging my brother on my couch don't give me a dirty look.

Once I got to the studio I got warmed up and started working on my solos. I have competition tomorrow so I'm a little nervous.

Niall POV

I'm getting nervous for tomorrow Kenzie has he competition tomorrow so I'm gonna try to win her back. I mean we've be broken up for 3 weeks now so that's good.

Mackenzie POV

I've been at the studio for 4 hours now and I think I'm ready for tomorrow. I locked the doors and got in my car. Once I got home all the boys were sitting in the living room eating pizza. Once Harry saw me he blushed... I think it's time to embarrass him for all the stuff he's done to me over the years.

"Hey Harry how do Kendall's lips taste" all he did was mumble "what? Harry is that a bruise on your neck? OMG it's a hickey hahaha"

By now all the boys we dying of laughter on the floor.

"Not funny Kenzie do you want me to tell them about the jake incident."

"Omg NO you wouldn't"

" I'm pretty sure we know I would"

Then Liam piped in

" ya we would love to hear."

" well summer if year 10 Mackenzie went to a party with this guy Jake. The next morning she snuck back into her room with a bunch of hickeys on her neck it looked like a vampire ate her neck."

All the boys were laughing other than Niall. He looked pretty mad. I was so embarrassed so I ran to Niall and cuddled in to his chest. He whispered in my ear and asked he I wanted to leave. Niall picked me up bridal style and brought me outside. We sat on the swing and just sat in a comfortable silence. He broke it.

" hey Kenzie you ok"

"Ya it's just so embarrassing"

I looked in his eyes and he leaned down and I leaned in and we kissed. The kiss was sweet yet passionate and I felt fireworks erupted in my stomach. I needed to think about this.

Niall's POV

That kiss was amazing it was everything I needed to survive there was fireworks going off in my head. I'm really can't wait for tomorrow but I will because the best things in life are always worth waiting for.

Mackenzie POV

I got kissed Niall in the cheek and went in. The boys were still laughing I just flipped them off and went to bed. I can't let this change my point of mind I have a competition tomorrow and it's important to stay focused.

Give me your feedback and let me know if I should stop writing. OMG I hate gym!!' Anyway that's it for now bye guys.


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