My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


22. school

Mackenzie POV

"Kenzie wake up, your going to be late"

Ughh I don't want to. OMG school today I'm so excited to see Veronica. I got dressed curled my hair and put some high waisted shorts with a floral crop top and some chuck Taylor's. I walked down stairs and grabbed an apple and walked to my range rover ( a gift from Harry). I drove to school and got there 15 minutes before the bell. I ran to Veronica and hugged her.

"Roni I missed u chicka"

"Kenzie I missed you too"

"So what is this I hear about you dating the one and only Niall Horan."

"It's true and-"

"OMG jake Taylor's looking a you, he staring"

OMG Jake Taylor he's the must popular guy in school not to mention super hot but not better than Niall. He's coming this way, jake Taylor's coming this way.

"Uhh Kenzie I gotta go to class I'll see you at lunch"

"Hey Kenzie where's your boyfriend"

"H-he's n-not h-here"

" good"

He just winked and left. That was weird... And I started off to my first class AP English.

Niall POV

I miss her so much I wish I would've woken up earlier to talk to her. I really miss her and now she going to school with any good morning texts from me... God I'm such a bad boyfriend. What about all the guy at her school they're all gonna flirt with her.

" Harry !!!!!!"

"What do you want Niall"

"I miss her so much" don't tell me that tell her".

Mackenzie POV

As I was walking to my science class I got a text From: Niall my babe <3

Hey babe I just wanted to say good morin king and I miss you more than anything but don't let me make you sad. I hope your having a good first day I sure don't miss those and remember if guys hit on u u say I have a big mean boyfriend and he will kick your ass, anyway bye for now my love.

Aww that's so sweet I miss him too...

Alright so that's the chapter I hope you girls like it


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