My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


23. Jake taylor

Mackenzie POV

I've been at school for a couple weeks now. My dance teacher sent an email out yesterday saying that she has to go visit her mother because she's sick so there will be no dance for the rest of the school year and it will pick back up for the summer season. So anyway next week there's a school dance and I'm not sure if I should tell Niall but I don't want him to feel bad about being there. Yes Niall and I are still together it's hard but I really care about him. Today Veronica and I are going shopping for dress next weekend. Ring ring ring (H-Harry M-Mackenzie)

H- hey babysister how's a going?

M- pretty good, how's tour?

H- pretty good so there a dance next week?

M- how did you hear about that?

H- Alex

Alex is my brothers friend from Holmeschapel

M- oh ya does niall know

H- no I figured you would tell him?

M- I do but I don't him to feel bad about not being here

H- ok I think you should tell him

M- ok I'll tell him tonight bye harry I love you

H- love you to

I guess Harry's right I should tell Niall and I will. Oh look Veronica's here.

Skip car ride

Once Veronica and I got to the mall we went in to the dress shops. We were looking through the racks when one like jumped out at me. It was a short dress cause it's not prom yet but it was purple and had tool on the bottom it was tight around my waist and white beads on the chest part.

"OMG Kenzie you look great you have to get it"

"Thanks V did you find anything"

"Ya this one what do you think?"

"I think you look amazayn!"

When I went to pay the lady said

"Are you Mackenzie styles?"

"Yeah that's me"

"Ok well the dress is already paid for"

That's was weird so after Veronica paid we went to get some Starbucks.

"Kenzie what was that at the dress store"

"I don't know she told me my dress was paid for already"

"Maybe it was Jake Taylor I heard he likes you and he's gonna ask you to the dance"

"I already have Niall I don't need Jake Taylor"

"Niall's not even going to be here you should get an other date"

"No way"

"Alright but you better tell Jake that cause he's coming this way"

"Hey babe"

"Bite me Jake"

"Ooh feisty I like it, so anyway I'll pick you up at eight"

"For what?"

"The dance" he said like it was obvious

"Ya I don't think so I have a boyfriend"

"We'll see about that I always win. Anyway I like your dress it really fit your best ASSet nicely"

And with that he walked away.

I looked at Veronica.

"What the hell was that"

"He wants you honey and he's right he always wins"

"Well he's not winning this time"

Veronica drove me home I went upstairs and put all my stuff in my room then came downstairs.

"How's was the mall sweetie"

"Pretty good."

"What happened?"

Like Harry my mom could read me like an open book.

"Well jake taylor came and started hitting on me and telling me he's bringing me to the dance and stuff."

"I hope you said no"

"Well I was considering just going as friends but then today he was all weird so there is no way I'm going anywhere near him"

"That's good did you tell Niall about the dance"

"Shoot in forgot I'm going to go call him right now."

Niall POV

My phone started ringing in the middle of a sound check I went to see and it was Mackenzie I better take this.

On the phone

(N-Niall M-Mackenzie)

M- hey babe

N- hey

M- so I know your busy but I'm just calling to tell you that there's a dance this weekend at school.

N- oh thanks for telling me and I'm really sorry about not being able to go

M- it's ok I know your busy I like you

I think it's cute how she doesn't want to say I love you cause she's not ready but when she is I will say it right back.

N- bye I like you to.

It's pretty long how was valentines day I spent it with gossip girl and chocolate :) what do you guys think about jake taylor he the typical jerk jock lady's man or so he he thinks. It's always good to hear feedback.


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