My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


32. first concert

Mackenzie POV

I was woken up by the sound of the power ups from "super Mario"

"No I won"

"No I did you cheated"

Ughh looks like I'm not getting any more sleep today. I hoped out of my bunk and walked to the kitchen.

"Boys what the hell are you doing it's like 7 am"

"Actually it's 11 but whatever"

"Harry how could u let me sleep that long?"

"You looked so cute sissy poo"

"Ahh shut up! I'm hungry"

I said just as Louis came in carrying some Mc Donald's

" OMG loo I love you are my saviour"

"Uhh thanks love ya too I guess"

I grabbed a sandwich out of the bag and started eating. After I scarfed down everything.

"Hey guys what are we doing today?"

"Well we have an interview a sound check and a concert"

"Cool! Am I going to the interview?"

"If you want"

I ran to my bunk and got dressed in some dark blue skinny jeans, a pink sweater and some chuck Taylor's. Once everyone was ready we headed out to the car there was tones of screaming girls and paparazzi. Niall grabbed my hand and led me to the car. The paparazzi was screaming out questions like "Niall is this your new girlfriend? What about Barbara?"

Hearing her name made me cringe. Finally in the car we all just mad small talk.

During the interview they interviewer ask the boys questions about their careers and their music. Finally the dreaded question was asked

" alright boys out of all of you who is single?"

Harry raised his hand. The interviewer turned to Niall.

"Who's the lucky girl?"

"Well aren't dating but she already has my heart"

The whole room awed and I felt heat rise to my cheeks. Harry looked at me and quietly laughed. After the interview we went straight to the arena for the sound check and then the concert.

The boy spent most of the sound check fooling around.

10 mins before the concert!

"Ok boys get ready" yelled one if the stage managers

The boys huddled in a circle and I just stood awkwardly behind them.

"Come in Kenzie you're apart of the team to! Come here!"

So I joined the circle. The huddle consists of the boys singing "live while we're young" and jumping around.

Finally the concert started and I watched in aw the boys are amazing and I'm so proud of how far they have come. The concert was great the girls screamed Harry twerked and Niall out on a bra that was thrown on stage.

Naill grabbed his guitar and started to play the tune of "little things" each part of the boys made me so emotional but when Harry sang I cried don't ask why I just did. When Niall sang his part and looked right at me I could feel the butterflies erupt in my stomach.

I knew now for sure I was in love with Niall James Horan!

So what did you think ???? :)


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