Abree Hamilton is 17 suicidal has no friends and her parents barely acknowledge her but will Justin give her a reason to keep going?


1. how it started

Thursday, January 10

Chapter one-


"Miss Hamilton did you hear what I just said?" Mrs.Dawson said standing in front of me, tapping a finger on my desk. I shook my head not even bothering to lie, I wasn't a good liar so why bother? She sighed while the last bell rang.

Everyone was dismissed but me. I sat in my desk awkwardly playing with the bracelet on my left wrist. I flinched because I had skimmed over the fresh cut I made last night. "Is everything ok Abree?" I stayed quiet. No nothing's wrong except for the fact that I have no friends, my parents act like they only have one child, and I hate myself. Other than that life is dandy. "You can talk to me I won't judge." She said her words filled with pity. "Thats what they all say." I grabbed my red jansport backpack, and started walking home.

When I got home I went to my room that I shared with my sister Ruby. I opened the door and saw Ruby laying down on the floor next to a boy doing her homework. "Hey waffle." she said looking up from her books and smiled.

Ruby is a year older than me and way prettier than me. I didn't reconize the boy he's probably just helping her partner for class or something. He's pretty cute too. "Is that Abree?" the boy asked Ruby smiling. "That's her" she replied "If you guys are studying I could do my homework in the living room." I said. Ruby opened her mouth to say something but the boy cut her off. "No its fine you can stay, I'm Justin by the way." He said with a smile again. "Are you sure?" I asked "I don't want to disturb you guys." He shook his head. "You don't look like you make much noise. Just stay, it's your room anyways."

Well he has some what of a point but it was also Ruby's room too. I didn't want to annoy her. Shes the only person that's acknowledges me and isn't mean to me. "Uh ok." I said and set down my backpack grabbing a math text book. I took out my phone and through my earphones I listened to 'Don't forget' by Demi Lovato. I looked up and admired Justin's features. He had blondish brown hair that stood up and was shaved at the sides, a gorgeous smile and these big brown eyes like... wow.

I blushed when he caught me staring and flashed a smile and a winked. 'cause I'm so sick of love songs, so tired of tears, so sick of wishing you were still here and I'm so sick of love so-' the song was cut off by Justin answering his black iPhone. "Hello? I'm doing a project at a friends house, ok, alright, I'll be there soon, bye." he said and but his phone into his back pocket. "Listen Ruby I gotta go but I'll be back tomorrow." she nodded and stood up from where she was lying down and hugged him goodbye. "Bye Abree." he said and waved to me. "Bye." I basically whispered not making eye contact. He was perfect. But he'll forget my name by tomorrow.


As I walked home from Ruby's place I couldn't stop thinking about her sister. I couldn't believe I've never noticed her before. Ruby had told me she had a sister but I never imagined her being so..so.. I can't explain. Abree had black hair that was tied in a ponytail and bangs that covered a side of her forehead. And her eyes, they look like they've been photoshopped to sparkle blue. I have to talk to her. Something about her is so intriguing to me. At school I'll talk to her. I caught her staring at me does that mean she likes me? Ugh i need to get her off my mind some how.

When I got home I dropped my things and sat on the couch next to my mom. Still day dreaming of Abree. "Who is she?" my mom asked. "What?" she gave me a 'come on I'm not stupid' look. "Your smiling like a fool and staring into nothing, there's a girl. Who is she?" I ran my fingers through my hair. "Her name is Abree.

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