She Is Like Many Others

Sorry, these stories may be triggers.
A group of true stories that many people face in life. Written in the third person so that they are more relatable and more anonymous. Some of them are things that have happened to me and others to people to know so I hope you enjoy the brutality of life for a teenage girl.


3. Distorted Reflections

She turns down the biscuit a friend offers her. She isn't in the mood to eat. She keeps herself to herself and doesn't bother anyone. She puts in her headphones and continues walking home from school. She wants to be in a place she feels is safe and away from any disturbances.

She sees the other girls. She knows what society thinks of girls like her. She tells herself regularly how she looks through her own eyes and wishes she could change. She knows why she feels this way; it's society's fault, but how can she argue with that when all she wants to do is fit in. She sees the other girls, with their slim waists and skinny legs but in her eyes she will never be like them.

She serves herself small portion of pasta and eats it slowly. She hopes no one will notice how little she is eating. He mum offers her more but she declines and asks if she can be excused. She says she feels ill and goes up to her bedroom. 
Later she follows her daily routine and takes a shower. She walks from the bathroom to her room wrapped in a towel. She stands in front of the full length mirror and slowly pulls away her towel. She looks at her figure in the mirror and is filled with disgust. How could anyone like her when she looks that? She is ignorant to the way she truly looks as her mind plays games by distorting her body image. 

She tightens her belt up another hole. She feels satisfied and proud; her work is paying off.  She is in control of herself. Her weight is the only thing she feels she has power over. She has an apple for break and eats nothing at lunch. She feels embarrassed when she has to eat surrounded by other people. She feels like they are watching her. Judging her. It's all in her head.

Her clothes now hang off her body but she still is not content with herself. She looks at her narrow frame in the mirror but does not see her true reflection staring back at her. When will she be content. She feels tired but also triumphant. Another day without taking a mouthful. She feels the dark fingers creeping around her vision.

She wakes in a clean, bright room. She is in a hospital. They explain to her how ill she has made herself but she does not understand them. She gets up to go to the bathroom. On her way out the image of a pale girl catches her eye. She looks back only to be met by her true reflection. She sees herself clearly now. She has crossed the line of society's beauty in the abyss beyond. She turns for the door, ready to become herself again.      

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