The Bad Boy Prince

People say that he is a gentleman, I think he's a bad boy prince. But for some reason, I obsessed with him.


12. The Treehouse (13+)

(I'm warning you, 13+...I'm warning you. ;) ) 

There was a knock at my window many nights later. I went over to see Zayn leaning on the outside window pane. "Good evening, beautiful." he greeted, smiling goofily. "Good evening, liar." I joked. I looked down and he was standing on a very high ladder. 

"What are you doing here this late?" 

"I'm here to take you on an adventure." he smiled, leaning on the pane. I blushed, "What kind?" I ask, doing the same thing making our faces centimeters apart. "A fun one. Why? It involves me!" I giggled and pecked his lips. "Hold up, let me go get some stuff so we can sweetly escape." He chuckled and climbed in. 

"Where are we going?" I asked grabbing a duffel bag and stuffing it with clothes. Zayn just laid there on my bed. "All questions will be answered when we get there. But I think you'll like it." I was ready. "Alright! Let's move out!"


We were walking for an hour and my feet were killing me. 

And I was wearing moccasins! 

"We've been walking for HOURS, Zayn. When are we going to be there?" I groaned. He chuckled. "We're almost there. Hang in there." I groaned a little louder. We were walking in a forest far behind the palace (A/N: I know behind the palace is nothing. Just pretend!) and it was dark. His arms were wrapped around my waist, protecting me tightly from nature's wrath. 

Sounds funny and cute and shit, but it was serious. There were owls! 

"Almost there." he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my back. I nodded and kept watching ahead to see light. 

We both stopped at a huge fort-like treehouse. "Whoa..." I said in awe. "Is this yours?" 

"Yup. Let's go." Zayn pulled my arm and led me to the fort. As beautiful it was...he owned it!? Inside was even better. There were tons and TONS of pillows surrounding a large (and real!) fire. It was roaring. I flopped on the pillows and snuggled up with a red pillow with gold ruffles around it. Zayn flopped next to me. We were both staring at each other lovingly. I blinked a few times to break the silence between us.

I laid on the pillows and let out a breathless sigh. Staring at the golden-orange fire,Zayn asked. "So, What's the story behind July Dixon?" I chuckled. "The story is a bit heartbreaking if you have tissues here." 

He searched through my duffel bag to find an small old pack of tissues. "Yup."

I laughed, "Alright then. Uhm...I was born on July 5th 1993-"

"Ha! I'm older!" he exclaimed. 

"What do you mean?" I asked, giggling.  "I'm a January baby. Heh, heh!"

I rolled my eyes and continued my story. "So yeah. July 5th father was American and my mother is British but ended up getting my father's genes. I got my mother's genes because I turned out a girl." 

Zayn laughed. 

"Three days later, my mom left. So I was stuck with my dad, George." I said shakliy, keeping my pride. But I kept going.

"When I turned 3, I moved from California to New York because my dad got a job aas a pharmacist. Which was actually a great job because they paid him big bucks-"

"Like big, big bucks? As big as your butt?"

"Zayn! Stop interrupting! If you wanna know the origin of July Dixon you need to shut the hell up and listen." I laughed, hitting his hard, metal but warm chest. He giggled and pressed his hand on top of mine. "Why don't we just kiss? I find the story rather boring." 

"Well you asked so-" Zayn shut me up. I felt his arms wrap around my waist and pull me up on top of him. I locked my arms around his neck as he cradled me. A soft moan escaped my lips as hiis hands slipped under my top, messing around with the bra strap. 

My finger traced down his tattooed arm as this kiss was getting more serious by the second. My lips traveled down his neck and I began nipping at it a little. I enhanced the smell of his Axe but there was another scent that filled my nose. It was fresh and made me kiss instead of nip his neck. 

Zayn played with my zipper and button. I gasped for air from his neck and went back to kissing him. His tongue was playing around with mine making me giggle into the kiss. As my tongue slipped into Zayn's mouth, he finally unbuttoned my pants and pulled it down slowly. 

I held him tightly.

He kissed my cheek and trailed down to my neck to my collar bone. I found myself in my VS black lace panties. His hands rubbed my butt. "Hmm...lace. Just the way I like it." he whispered in my ear before taking a small taste of my ear and earring. I chuckled. "I knew it would come in handy." We both laughed a little. 

Oh. My. Goodness. Not the best smut, but...

If you heard something exploding, it was either ovaries or your mind. XD- Jen 


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