The Bad Boy Prince

People say that he is a gentleman, I think he's a bad boy prince. But for some reason, I obsessed with him.




Jenya here to give you a sneak peek at "The Bad Boy Prince 2: The Trouble With Love"! Take a look:

Chapter (something IDK!): Getting A Little Touchy

Tracy and I were talking to a princess named Jane at the Christmas party. She seemed nice and awesome. But then, Zayn and Emma caught my eye. Emma was laughing and hitting him while Zayn was just laughing and touching her back. 

"Hey Trace. I think I need you for something." I said, not taking my eyes off them. "Sorry Jane. Text me ok?" I hesitated pulling Tracy to go spy on them both. Emma giggled and whispered something in his ear. Zayn smiled wickedly and Emma pulled him out of the dance hall.

I pulled Tracy out to follow them both. We find them in the living room. Zayn was sitting on a chair waiting for something or someone. "What is going on?" I hissed to Tracy. She shrugged. I continued watching them. Emma sat on his lap with both of the faces facing each other. I gasped softly, "What? Don't you dare, Malik!"

They both laughed and kissed each other. Zayn held her tight. I widened my eyes...

There you go, loves! But I would love someone with FANTASTIC talent to make a trailer for the sequel. And if you offer to make it, Taylor Marie Hill is July D. Thanks! :P 

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