The Bad Boy Prince

People say that he is a gentleman, I think he's a bad boy prince. But for some reason, I obsessed with him.


15. Royal Couple


The next few days, it was me and my so-called boyfriend. 

It was pretty awkward for the both of us. We talked less, we were embarrassed every time we saw each other. 

Sometimes, we'd kiss but it wouldn't be as long as before. I would be stuck in my room all day and never come out until he left. He'd be in his guest room and would do the same. I swear this relationship was getting weirder and weirder by the minute.

One day, I poked my head outside to see if he was outside. I looked to my left. Nope. My right, nope. My middle, yep.

"H-hi." I squeaked out. "Hey," he responded nervously. I stood up straight to face him.  


" was your day so far?" I asked, breaking it. "Alright. How about yours?" he asked. "Same." I replied, balancing on my heel and toe. "Why can't we break the silence between us? This is getting awkward." Zayn finally asked. 

"I don't know." I responded with a frustrated sigh. "I wish we could but for some reason, I'm scared." I pulled him inside my room. "Of what?"

"Of...all this! I've never been in love before. It's hard work and I don't know the first step to dating a person." I rambled, flopping on my bed. Zayn flopped next to me. "Well, you first have to always smile. Just to remind that person that you're theirs." 

Those words made my heart melt. 

"Ok then. Like this?" I blushed, flashing a smile. "Yeah."  he replied, brushing hair out of my face. "Now, you have to, what you Tumblr girls say, cuddle." 

I giggled. He wrapped his arms around and I snuggled into his bare chest. "I like this. What's next?" I muffled. 

"We just say nice things to each other and kiss each other without freaking out."

"Alright. You're a hot jerk." I said pecking his lips. "You're a sexy arse-hole." Zayn said, giving me a kiss. 


I was still in his heavy arms. He had fallen asleep. Lips in my hair, hands still wrapped protectively around my waist, breathing still and softly. It reached late afternoon and the only thing I see is white sheets covering us and Zayn's "ZAP!" tattoo. I traced the other pictures inked onto his arms.  I traced roses, birds and something Arabic. 

They were beautiful. 

My heart fluttered when I felt Zayn shift his body so we could still attached to each other. I still wanted to be attached to him. I needed to be attached to him. My eyes though, were feeling heavy after all this thinking. So, I fell asleep. 


I climbed out of bed, noticing that Zayn left. 

I rubbed my eyes and walked to the shower room to find a note on my mirror. 

Get ready. I'm taking you out tonight. 

Look pretty. :)


My cheeks flushed and did exactly what the note ask me to do. I took my clothes off, hopped into the shower and turned on the warm water. I hummed "So This Is Love" from Cinderella, because that was was EXACTLY what I was wondering. 

When I was finished, I got out and began grooming. I had no idea what to do with my hair, so I let it go in waves. 

I picked out a small, pale pink strapless dress, a white blazer, and pink flats. Not much makeup, really. This was going going to be a small date.

If it was a date, that is. 

I stepped outside my room to see that it was silent and quiet. I was home-alone. In a castle. But I bet a few guards were here. I jogged down the stairs to see Zayn waiting.

"Hi." I said, smiling shyly. He had something behind his back. "Hello there, princess." he said, fiddling with whatever was behind his back. He had his little cute fedora on! "Eeek! You look so cute with that on!" I fangirled, taking his fedora hat off and placing it on my head. 

"Uh, uh, uh. Not tonight. Here." Zayn said revealing what was in his hands. A white fedora and a rose. It looked healthy and picked fresh from the garden.

My garden. 

"For me?" I asked taking the hat first. "Yup. You've always been fond of mine. I decided to get you yours."

I giggled and placed it on my head. "How do I look?" 

"We're twinning, so you look fantastic." he winked, handing me my rose. A blush warmed my cheeks as he took my hand and we walked outside together. Tonight was warm and sticky. But it felt good. "So, is this a date?"

"Sure, why not?" 

We just walked and talked until we reached our date location. But then, flashing cameras caught my attention. "Z-Zayn! There they are!" I cried, pointing at them. He grabbed my hand and we ran for our lives. Good thing I was wearing flats, I would've fell on my ass!

The paparazzi was gaining on us. 

We both ran into a dark alley way, panting and hyperventilating. "Holy...shit!" I panted. "You can say that again!" sighed Zayn. "Holy shit! I've never been chased before. Unless you can call running away from three German shepards and one rabid pitbull, 'chased'. But holy shit that was awesome!" 

It sounded like the paps couldn't get enough. 

So we sat against a building wall for the rest of the night . We talked for a little while. "How would you rate this date?" Zayn asked. I chuckled. 

"Getting chased by paps, getting my very own fedora, getting this dress soiled?"

He laughed. 

"I would say a 10. Because I'm doing it all with you." 



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