The Bad Boy Prince

People say that he is a gentleman, I think he's a bad boy prince. But for some reason, I obsessed with him.


2. Royal Arrival

3 weeks later 


The plane landed on the royal runway. This was going to be the day I finally see my mother. The woman who left me a 3 days old. I swallowed the pride that I had swallowed 3 weeks ago and looked out the window.

England was actually beautiful.

The lights were on and I actually saw Buckingham Palace. You know, my new home for the rest of my life. As I gathered my things, one of the palace guards notified me that my mom said the some prince of Bradford was coming to visit me.

For some reason, that scared me.

When I stepped off the plane, so many cameras were flashing at me. Reporters and paps were screaming and asking me random questions. I guess the whole world found out about it. Whoever spilled the beans is going to get it...

I waved to all of them as the guards help me down the stairs. "Hello! Hi!"

I felt like a celebrity.


"So, who's the prince of Bradford? Is he hot? Does my mother know him-"

Caleb, one of the guards, put his hand up to silence me. I guess I was too excited. "The prince is Duchess Trisha and Duke Yaser's son. They have three daughters. And...I don't know if he's 'hot' or not. But he is a gentleman."

I searched this prince up and-

Holy shit.

He was gorgeous. From his face to his feet that I really couldn't see. "Is this him?" I asked shoving the phone in front of Caleb's face. "Yes."

"Eeeeeeeeek! What's his name?"

"Prince Zayn."

"'s hot. Just like him." I smirked, crossing my legs finding more amazing pictures of him.


I was knocked out. I was sleeping on Caleb's lap, tired as hell. There was an annoying shaking sensation coming from him. I opened one eye and groaned. "Is it morning?" I yawned. "It's 1 AM and we're here."

I sat up and rubbed my eyes. As the limo parked in the royal parking lot (which was just a regular parking lot with a bunch of limos and cars), I sighed. "Is my mother there?"

"No. She'll be back tomorrow. We alreadly notified her that you'd be coming." I nodded. We all got out of the limo and began walking towards the castle where all of a sudden, a blond haired girl comes running up to us.

"Caleb! Caleb! Oh dear!" the girl tripped. I ran over to her and helped her up. "Are you ok? Omg, that was such a fall."

"Ha! Tricked you! But you did pass the first test of a princess; helping people." smiled Blondie. My cheeks burned. "Hey Tracy." Caleb grinned, dragging my suitcase.

"Hello! I'm Tracy. I'm your assistant and best friend." she smiling brightly now. I was creeped out but I smiled back. "Come on! We have so much to discuss Princess July."

Princess July? I'm loving that... 



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