The Bad Boy Prince

People say that he is a gentleman, I think he's a bad boy prince. But for some reason, I obsessed with him.


20. (RCBS) What Now?

I slammed down a green 2. 

Zayn and I were having a small (and best) date in the palace kitchen. We were in our pajamas', playing Uno, eating British-Chinese food. 

"Boom, what?!" I exclaimed, remembering I was watching Liv and Maddie last night. Zayn slammed down a reverse card. "Boom, what?!" he said, totally killing it. 

He was watching it with me...whoops?

"Whatever. I Y'know, my favorite color." I put down a blue 3. He put down a red 3. "Ha! Beat that."

I rolled my eyes and put a red 6. Zayn sucked in his breath and threw his deck down. "Fuck this. I can't do it anymore. Let's just talk." 

I laughed and started eating my Lo Mein. "So, who's Ursula Malik? You never mentioned her in your family tree." Zayn scoffed, "I haven't mentioned my family tree, period. Except for my older sister Doniya." 

I giggled as I watched him scuff down some noodles. "Slow down, dude. You splattering noodle grease everywhere. Especially my brand new deck of Uno cards, Caleb bought me." He rolled his eyes. 

"So, how's it like being a princess?" he asked, after a couple seconds of silence.  I shrugged and slurped down some noodles. "It's ok. I've been given the royal treatment. Sort of loving it. Missing the regular life." 


"Yeah." I sighed. "What now?" Zayn knitted his eyebrows in confusion, "Explain."

"I mean, what's next? Do we break-up? Will there be a wedge between us? Will they kick me out of the palace?" I asked, going on the same sad page we went on my birthday.

"Nah...nah. Please don't start with that break-up shit. We're not breaking up because we already know that we're going to be together for infinty and beyond." Zayn started. "And I don't think they'll kick you out." 

Those words made me cry inside. 


I slipped into bed. "Good night, babe." 

"Nighty-night Princess July." 

"Wait, don't go..."

Zayn stopped at the doorway and turned to me. "Why not? Mum's waiting for me back home. She'll get angry." 

"Doesn't matter. I want you to stay with me." I whined. "I love you!" Zayn walked over and kneeled beside my bed, holding my hand. 

"I love you too, but I have to go. I promise to be right there when you wake up." He kissed me gently. I didn't want him to go. After tonight, the bad boy is a major softie. 

Yeeeeeeah...not really. I have to keep reminding you about the sequel . 


ok bye. 

(oh and RCBS means "Random Chapter Because Sex.) 

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