The Bad Boy Prince

People say that he is a gentleman, I think he's a bad boy prince. But for some reason, I obsessed with him.


8. Little Black Dress

"Are you finished July?"

"Almost!" I called from my room. I slipped on my black pumps. Checking myself in the mirror, I thought about Zayn.

Was he going to like this? Is this sexy enough? Will tonight be the night-

"July! Hurry up, your limo is here!" cried Tracy while pounding on my door. Checking myself one more time, I sighed. "Alright. It's sexy enough..." I opened the door and Tracy handed me my trench coat.



The limo arrived at the "Teen Royal" event that my mother had forced me to go to. Tracy said Zayn would be here, which got me excited and frustrated at the same time. I gulped and got out of the limo. Cameras were flashing, practically blinding me. But I returned the favor with a blinding smile. Making my way to the front entrance, I unbuttoned my trench coat. 

I removed my trench coat dramatically revealing my dress. Everyone stopped and stared as I walk down. I spotted Zayn with a couple of girls. His mouth dropped when I walked past him. That's the reaction I wanted all along. Everyone was silent and the only sound they could hear was my heels clacking against the floor. 

I flipped my hair and noticed that a few boys were licking their lips. 

Again, the reaction I wanted. 

Tonight was the night I practically conquer. But then again, I wanted tonight to be normal. A waiter handed my a glass of pink champagne. I thanked him and the silence ended. The event was back to normal. 

That's better.

All I needed was my entrance. I sipped my champagne and stood there watching all the girls and boys chatting it away with other people. 

Until a hand squeezed my butt. I let out a yelp when it was Zayn doing that. He was squeezing it like he was going to pop it or something! "Let go..." I winced. "You wanna save this dress for me one day?" He sounded like he was drinking. He scented like he was drinking. 

"Let go..." I winced again. Zayn fianlly let go and my butt could finally breathe. This was getting me aggravated. A few girls pointed at me. I bet they were talking shit about me. They could continue do that, them little pussies! Come at me bro-


I yanked Zayn outside the back.

"What the fuck?!"

"What?" he slurred. "You little ass-grabber! Were you drinking before you came to the party?" He pointed a drunk finger at me. "I don't know." I groaned, "Are you seriously telling me this?" 

"I was trying to express my feelings on this perfect dress. It shows your everything." he said, actually getting back to normal.

"My everything?" I said seriously trying to hide my blush. "Your perfect everything."

My face flushed. 

Was he really saying this? I gulped, "Well... thank you. But there's no reason to-"

Zayn's lips crashed onto mine. I stumbled backwards of how hard he did it. I lightly pushed him away. His lips tasted like chocolate and beer. Two actually good combinations. 

"D-did you just...-" Before I could finish my sentence, he did it again. 



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