You changed me.

Hey my name is Bella. Im 18 years old. Im from LA but i move to Canada because my mum got a job there oh and my dad is dead. I get bullied at my school... So read to find out more.


3. Chapter 3

-Bella's Pov-

"BIP BIP BIP" my fucking alarm.

Ugh!! I got up and took a shower then I changed into a couple of short shorts and a crop top that said "Supreme". I did my make up and went down stairs.

"Hey sweetie do u want brake fast?" my mum asked.

"Naah I'm cool I will just take an apple" I answered.

I walked out I didn't say bye to my mum cuz I didn't really care. Yea call me a bitch but that's how I am he changed me.

-skips the ride-

I walked out of my car and felt everybody's eyes on me so I shouted "WHAT ARE U LOOKING AT?" and then I walked away.

Suddenly I bumped into someone. So I looked up and for my surprise it's was Justin.

"Watch where ur going bitch" he spat

"Shut up Justin" I rolled my eyes and with that Brittany shouted "DONT TALK TO HIM LIKE THAT U LITTLE SLUT"

"Honey I'm not a slut ur the one who's fucking every single guy in here" I spat and with that I walked away. Yea I'm a bitch so what get over it.?

{guys I suck at this I will maybe delete}

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