Who is that

This is Alex. She is someone you dont want ot mess with . She is mystious . And scares the living craop out of people when you mess with her. People say she has no heart and is just stone. But can one special guy get her story and steel her heart?


1. Alexandra amezquita

Hey I'm Alexandra ,

but call me Alex . Lets just say I am someone you don't want to mess with .I have a long past but you will learn that later.people say I'm just another badass with no heart and a bad past . Witch I basically am but I have another side of me a side that no one knows about I only show it at home when I'm alone. Well I'm 16 . My favorite color is blue . Umm my hobbies are riding my motorcycle and listening to music and a couple more but you will just have to find those out .My two best friends are Derek and Emily umm we smoke weed allot and we all get allong very well . Umm like I said we had different personalaties when its just us three so no one will judge us . Thats is pretty much it. 

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