Push Me Away ( One Direction Fanfic)

19 year old, Sage Whitley meets Harry Styles and thinks she's in love....... What happens??? * READ TO FIND OUT*


1. Harry's P.O.V.

                                                      HARRY'S P.O.V.


"Wake Up" I hear a familiar voice say. I turn around to see Liam stare into me eyes and didn't lose contact, I break the stare by blinking a getting up. I walk to the kitchen followed by Liam, Louis, and Niall. I open our pantry and grab a pack of grits, I grab a bowl, water, and a spoon. I pour the grits in the bowl, add water and heat in the microwave for a minute and 35 seconds. I see Liam distracted by what it looked like a piece of paper on the ground, I decided to mess with him so when he looked back up I would put my spoon in front of his face. I grab my spoon and about 2 seconds later Liam looks up I grab the spoon and put it in front of his face, " Harry, your such a rude lad, please its really annoying, you know i hate spoons so please don't put me in a worse mood than I already am" Liam responds. " Liam, how about you stop being rude I was trying to make the others boys laugh, dang!" I say not trying to curse because i knew Papa Payne would get mad at me again.

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