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1. Busy | Zianourry

Niall - 2

Sorry if it’s not what you wanted! I kind of got carried away, but I’m pretty sure that I added the part that you asked for in here eventually.  Niall still gets found at the park and still is afraid to use his nappy… I just wrote about everything in between as well.

            2 year old Niall Horan sat on the park bench alone, disregarding the looks he got from passing adults.  Only in this society would no one stop when they see a toddler all alone on in the park. Niall, being so young, didn’t notice the staring or the parents who hurried their children along as to avoid him. He just continued to name the animals that the clouds made, swinging his legs back and forth. 

            “Hey buddy…”

            A voice pulled him out of his trance, little blonde head snapping towards the voice. His blue eyes immediately widened at the sight of a brown haired man standing in front of him.  The man was wearing white converse and a plaid flannel shirt, not that Niall noticed. No, the toddler was too busy with the thoughts of fear running through his mind. “Hi.”

            “What’s your name, Love?” The man asked softly. “I’m Liam.”

            Niall just stared, waiting; just waiting, for the man to hit him like his daddy would or for him to scream at him like his mummy. When Liam reached up to stroke his cheek gently, the little boy flinched so badly that he fell off the park bench and fell onto the ground. Liam gasped but didn’t approach the boy, afraid he was freak out again.

            “I- I’m not going to hurt you…” It came out as almost a whimper, one that begged Niall to believe him.  Something about his face, his tone, his vibe, made Niall’s little chest tight; something he hadn’t felt in a long time became evident. Only one word described what Niall felt.




            Liam gave him a weird look before sitting next to him, keeping his careful distance. “Who’s Niall? Your daddy?”

            “Niaww!” Niall pointed to himself and looked up at Liam shyly. “I Niaww. ‘ou awsked wha’ ma nawme is.”

            “Well, Niall, nice to meet you.” Liam greeted, giving him a small smile. “Where are your parents?”

            “Wented bwye bwye. Don’ wike Niaww.”

            Liam’s frown returned and he sighed, “Well, I have a few friends that I’d like you to meet.”

            Niall stood up and took Liam’s held out hand, letting the older man lead him to the other side of the park where three men were playing football. The curly haired man and the tanned man were obviously more tired than the brunette.  Niall looked at them in curiosity. The first man was tall.  He had curly hair and a black T-Shirt with words Niall had yet to learn how to read.  In his two year old mind, he briefly wondered why he was wearing jeans while playing footie.  The second man wasn’t quite as tall as the first, but still big compared too little Niall. He squinted and could see a small streak in his hair, right down the middle, almost the same color of his hair. He giggled, wondering why his hair was two different colors.  This man also wore a T-Shirt and jeans, only his T-Shirt was white rather than black.  The last man was smaller than the others; he had brown shaggy hair, wet down with sweat. He was better dressed for the occasion, wearing shorts and a baggy T-Shirt.  Niall squealed in delight as he realized they all had coloring on their arms.

            Liam smiled down at the toddler, calling over his friends.  The shorter brown haired man arrived first,

            “And who is handsome young fellow here?”

            “Louis, this is Niall.” Liam introduced. “Niall, this is: Louis, Zayn and Harry. My best mates.”

            Niall smiled shyly and walked up to Zayn,

            “’cuse me?”

            Zayn smiled fondly at him and bent down to his level. “Yes, Love?”

            “Why’ve ‘ou gowt colowin’ on yo’ awms?”

            Zayn burst out laughing and faced Liam, “Oh Li! Can we keep him?!”

            Liam smiled happily before sighing softly, “We probably have to go talk with the authorities first. I mean, I found him on the bench over there. He probably has a home to go to.”

            “You’re probably right.” Zayn sighed, standing. Niall looked around wildly, blue eyes widening slightly. No. He didn’t want to go home! They were so nice! They didn’t hit him or yell at him. He threw himself at Harry’s leg, clutching the skin tight jeans desperately.

            “Don’ wanna gow howme!” He whimpered.

            Harry leaned down, hesitant to pick up the tyke, “Why not, bud?  I bet your mummy and Daddy miss you.”

            “Mummy and daddy weft NiNi hewe. Dey don’ wike NiNi. Dey hitted Niaww.”

            “T- T- They what?” Louis gasped.

            “Dey weft meh.”

            “Are you positive it wasn’t an accident?” Harry looked at him seriously.

            “Dey sawid: ‘Iwf we weab hiwm hewe, mawbe he diwe. Dewn we don’ deaw witf hiwm.’” Niall repeated. “Wha’ does diwe mewn?”

            Harry just hugged the boy closer, “Nothing, Niall… Nothing you need to worry about.”    

            “Niaww cowme home witf ‘ou?” Niall asked hopefully. “I be goowd! Piwnkey pwomise.”

            Liam hesitated, staying quietly. So it was Harry who spoke,

            “Yeah, Ni… You can come home with us…”


            “Zen! Down’t wet dem tawke me!” Niall sobbed as the police attempted to take the little boy into the examination room. “Hawwy! Wee yum! Wooie!”

            Zayn plucked the baby from the man’s hands, “You’re scaring him!”

            “Sir, we need to-“

            “I don’t care.”


            “You can do it while I’m here. Or you wont do it at all.”

            The police officer sighed and nodded,  “As you wish.”


            Two weeks later, Bobby and Maura Horan were put in jail for child neglect, child abuse, and child abandonment.  Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn adopted him a week later but it wasn’t until the first day he stayed with the four boys that they realized how broken Niall was. 


            At around 7:30 PM Louis noticed that Niall had yet to wet his nappy.  The toddler had been given six sippy cups of juice and he hadn’t peed yet.  This worried Louis, what if he was sick? Or getting sick?

            “Niall babe, do you have to pee-pee yet?” Louis asked softly.

            Niall shook his head no and continued to watch Sponge Bob. But the way he was squirming in his seat told Louis otherwise. 

            “Sweetheart, you have to pee eventually.”

            “Not awlowed.” Niall said quietly.

            “What do you mean you’re not allowed?”

            “Mummy and Daddy saided.” He replied. “Twenty spawks if Niaww pee pee in his nappy.”

            “That’s what it’s there for, love.” Louis cooed. “You’re allowed to pee in it.”

            “Nuh uh.”

            “Li? Zi? Haz? Mind coming in here?” Louis called, holding Niall on his lap gently.

            The three other men came in quickly, all looking worried.

            “Niall’s allowed to go pee in his nappy right?”

            They all looked astonished.

            “Of course you are Ni!” Liam cried.

            “No spawnks?” Niall asked quietly.

            “Not one spanking.” Louis confirmed. At first he didn’t know if the confirmation had worked. But he knew it had when he felt a warm sensation on his thigh and a whimper from his son.   “There you go Ni!”

            “See?” Harry coaxed, sitting next to them. “We didn’t get mad or spank you.”

            “Now who wants some ice cream?” Liam asked softly.

            “Witf spwinkels?”

            Zayn chuckled and kissed the blondes nose, “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”


I do prompts based on when I get them! So keep them comin’ guys! :)  Thank you for all of you guys who read this! Yay! Um… vote? Comment? Follow me for more kid fics! Yay!

<3 Chiara



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