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3. Abused | Lilo feat. Baby!Zayn

hi love your books just want to put in a baby niall request . Could there be twin babys zayn and niall and lilo parents But Louis is a abusive parent and liam tries to protect the babies what will happen next... I dont knos t

*know this part i will left the rest up to u xx


WARNING: Lots of Violence, abuse, child abuse, bad stuff. Don’t read if you’re around seven. And if you’re seven, you should probably be coloring anyway.

This was really hard to write omg…

Lilo Daddies

Zayn and Niall – 2


            Zayn looked at his twin wearily, knowing exactly what was going to happen next. Stuck in their shared crib, Zayn could do nothing as Louis plucked the 2 year old from the crib, mumbling about how he needed to stop crying so much.

            Little Niall Payne had woken up sobbing after a horrible nightmare, summoning his Papa.  Louis wasn’t a mean man by nature. He used to be nice, but after his best friend Harry passed, he became the man he is now.

            “Don’t you ever shut up?!” Louis shouted, making Niall cry harder.

            “I sowwy! I sowwy!” Niall sobbed, shielding his face with his hands. “I sowwy! Zen hep!”

            Zayn watched helplessly and stood up, holding onto the bars of the crib. A tear fell down his cheek as Niall yelped upon the impact of Louis’s hand.

            “Niaww!” Zayn cried, reaching out to the other boy. The front door opened loudly,

            “Lou? Are you home?”

            “DADDY!” Zayn yelled, shaking the bars of the crib. “Daddy hep!”

            Niall continued to sob as Louis continued to hit him. Liam’s rushed footsteps were heard coming up the stairs as he cried for Louis to stop hitting Niall.

            “Louis! He’s just a baby!”

            Louis ignored this and continued on with Niall. The little boy yelped when Louis hit him in the nose, causing it to bleed. Zayn started to cry harder when he heard the crack of Niall’s nose. Louis whipped his head towards Zayn,

            “You want me to beat you too!?”

            Zayn only whimpered and shook his head no.  It was then that Liam entered the room, out of breath. Upon looking at a bleeding Nialler on the floor and a sobbing Zayn in the crib, he gasped and turned to Louis.  Louis was about to hit Niall again but Liam stepped in front of the child, taking a blow to his cheek.  The younger man blinked away tears and stood sturdily in front of Niall.

            “Liam. Move.”

            Liam gulped and shook his head no, ready for the rain of punches that awaited him. But even though he prepared himself, he still wasn’t ready when kneed him in the stomach. The Wolverhampton man doubled over and Liam gasped in pain. Zayn was sobbing his little heart out in the crib standing up and reaching through the bars of the crib. Niall, who was still slightly dazed, was standing outside the crib holding Zayn’s hand through the crib with the arm that didn’t hurt as bad. Louis just continued to beat his husband.  Niall looked around for something to do that would help when his eyes landed on Liam’s phone, on the other side of the room. He slowly let go of Zayn’s hand and went to get it. He came back and turned to his brother,

            “Zaynie? ‘memba wha’ daddy saiwd when Papa get reawwy mawd?”

            “Pwess one.” Zayn sniffled.

            “Ya.” Niall slid the phone in between the bars of the crib to the other two year old.

            “NIALL! What are you doing!?” Louis yelled, stopping and turning to him.

            “Nofin.” Niall whimpered, looking at Liam for help of some sort. Liam groaned and started to get up but not before Louis yanked Niall up by the hair on his head and tossing him toward Liam.

            “What did I tell you about lying Niall?”

            “I get spawnks.” Niall whispered, looking at Louis with glassy blue eyes.

            “And what did I say about spankings?”

            “I gewts tenty.” Niall began to cry.

            Louis took of his belt slowly. Liam stood in front of Louis once again blocking the space between him and Niall only to be shoved down next to the two year old. Liam instinctively curled around Niall, absorbing some of the hits but not all of them.

            Meanwhile Zayn had pressed one.

            “999 what’s your emergency?”

            “Papa’s hiwtin’ daddy and Ni!” Zayn sobbed into the phone.

            “Who’s Ni?” The operator said softly with a soothing tone.    

            “My bwuder.”

            “Okay, love, I’m sending police right now… Can you tell me your name? I’m Danielle.” She coaxed.

            Zayn let out a choked sob as liam let out a yelp, “Z- Z- Zen.”

            “That’s good Zayn, that’s a really cool name, and how old are you?”


            “Good… And how old is Ni?” Danielle asked in a desperate attempt to keep the toddler on the line.


            “So you’re twins?! That’s so cool, Zayn!” Danielle gasped. “I have two sisters and a brother but we’re not twins…”

            “Wha’ der names?” Zayn asked in curiosity wincing again at the cry of pain Niall let out.

            “Andy, Eleanor, and Perrie.”           


            “Okay, Zayn, so paramedics and police should be here soon okay?”

            “Don’ gow.”    

            “I’m not going anywhere buddy, I just need to know who’s hurt.” Danielle promised.

            “Daddy an’ Ni.”

            “Okay… and who’s hurting them?”


            “ZAYN!?” Louis shrieked noticing he was on the phone. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

            “Zayn?” Danielle gasped in alarm. “Zayn? Zayn? What’s happening.”

            All Danielle heard was,

            “Papa! No I sowwy! I sowwy!”


            Lucky for Zayn, right as Louis was going to hit him too, ten police officers appeared in the door way.

            Calvary had arrived.



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