His Other Side

Hope was always the quiet girl at school. Since her mom died, she stopped talking to people and started to self harm, thinking this was the only way to solve her problems. She never really spoke to anyone and hardly had any friends. The one person that she really wished she could speak to was Louis. He was the most amazing boy in the whole school... But he was a 'Popular' so he would never even think of speaking to a geek like her. He wasn't mean to her, he just did not a knowlage he existence and just completely ignored her. When Hope comes into school on a Saturday to help one of her teachers, she spots someone who reminds her a lot of Louis. He has no tattoos, no piercings and has the sweetest attitude. He seamed like a great guy. He called himself Lewis and they start to get along really well. But is Lewis who he says he is?


1. Hope.

You have to stop doing this Hope. Your ruining everything for yourself. Your mother would not be proud. She would hate to see you put yourself through this. So why? Why don't you just stop? It's not the only way to deal with your problems. I sighed heavily and stared at myself in my mirror. I was right. My mother would not be proud. Look what I've let myself become! The tears stared to build in my eyes so I wiped them away before they threatened to fall down my cheeks. I took a deep breath and grabbed my backpack for school. I set out walking, not moving my eyes from the ground. As the rain started to lightly tap the ground, people started to dash inside the school gates, hurrying out the rain. "Hey Hope." Someone scoffed from behind me. I turned my head and saw Becky and Jessica, walking behind me. "What do you want?" I asked slowly. "Ohh!! We are so scared of the pathetic little Emo girl!" Jessica scoffed. "Yeah!" Becky tagged along. "SHUT UP BECKY!" Jessica fired at her. They started to walk closer to me, when two other 'popular' boys walked past. "Leave her alone Jess." His beautiful Yorkshire accent ordered as he passed. Becky and Jessica scurried off after him and his friend, forgetting about me. He was so beautiful. Him and his friend. Louis Tomlinson. He was so amazing, I wished I had the guts to speak to him. Louis and his best friend Harry Styles were the most popular boys in the school. They both had about a thousand tattoos and piercings, but it was so beautiful. I was a bit of a rocker girl or 'Emo' to everyone else, and I loved that look. Obviously I wasn't going to tell anyone. I made my way down to my locker. I fiddled with the code and pulled out my books that I needed for that day. As I shut the door again, a boy was standing right next to me. I didn't see him and walked straight into the side of him. I fell backwards and my books flew all over the place. Everyone around us started to laugh, as I collected my books, pink faced. When I stood back up, the boy was holding a few of my books for me. "Sorry!" He apologised quickly. I'd never seen him before.. He must have been a new student. "No, it's my fault, sorry." I smiled at him. I loaded my books into my bag and turned back to him. "Are you new?" I asked as I studied him closely. He had short brown hair and brown eyes, and his accent was clearly not local. "Yeah. I'm Liam. Liam Payne." He smiled, sticking his hand out infront of him. I shook it politely. "I'm Hope. Hope Knight." I introduced myself. "Where's your first class?" I asked Liam kindly. "History, room 8." He read from his timetable. "Oh, same." I laughed, "follow me." I started to walk to history with Liam by my side. I didn't have any friends and Liam seamed like a really nice guy to have by your side. Maybe this friendship could work?

Me and Liam lined up for history, still talking, and getting to know each other. People started to shout the usual names and abuse at me as they walked past, but I just ignored it. "Do they always do that?" Liam asked quietly as someone shouted 'EMO SCUM!' At me. I nodded and looked down. Liam put his hand on my shoulder and I looked up at him. "That's terrible! Why do they do that?" He asked solomly. I was about to explain when we were called into class. Liam was aloud to sit by me, since I sat alone on a two person table. The teacher had to leave for the first fifteen minutes, but gave us all a task to work on while she was gone. But of course, no one did it, and just messed around. "Maybe now you can tell me why they're so vile to you.." Liam whispered, putting his hand on my arm. I took in a deep breath and started to explain. "Okay. A few years ago, my mother died unexpectedly. We still don't know why she died, but she did. So, I was really upset, and just wanted to talk to someone. My dad was always drunk so I couldn't really speak to him. He's a lot better now thogh. But, I had no friends at school, so I kind of just cried to myself. I started to change into this rock n roll style and every one thought I was trying to copy Louis, who is the most popular guy in this school. So they started to bully me. I couldn't take it so I..." I trailed off from my story and looked down at my wrists. Liam was the only person I had ever been able to talk to about all of this. Liam carefully rolled up the sleeve of my jumper and gasped. Scars. Cuts. Red marks. Scratches. I sighed and buried my head in my hands. Liam rubbed my back soothingly. "I bet this is strange for you." I muttered to Liam. "Your first day of a new school and you have some Emo freak pouring out her problems to you." Now that I said it out loud, I did sound pretty pathetic. "I'm sorry, I'll leave you alone." I decied. I grabbed all my belongings and stood up, ready to move to an empty desk, but Liam pulled the back of my jumper and forced me to sit back down. "I've had worse. On my first day at another school, a girl came upto me, confessing her love for me. She wouldn't leave me alone and it was really strange." Liam laughed. I giggled a little too. He was really nice, it felt nice to have a person to talk to for once. "I guess this makes us friends now then. Now you know everything." I smiled. "I thought we were friends when you smacked into my side?" Liam smirked. "Well now it's official. I actually have a friend."

Liam met up with me after our form class and walked me into the lunch hall. People were still shouting things at me as me and Liam walked, and I was still taking no notice. "Descusting." Liam would mutter under his breath as people said things. If only everyone understood like he did. We entered the canteen and looked for a spare table. We sat down, and started to talk. Just then, Becky and Jessica strolled over and started to torment me. "Hey Emo. Why did your parents call you hope? Is it because they feel sorry for you.. You need to keep your hopes up that you will make a friend.. You'll a get there!" Jessica teased. I just looks down at my salad and stabbed things with my fork. "Hope is just an old name!" Becky joined in. "SHUT UP BECKY!" Jessica yelled at her again. I could see Liam looking angry and I just shook my head at him. "And who's this beauty?" Jessica smiled, turning to face Liam. "I'm Jessica, and this is Becky." She introduced them and Liam just stared at her with a are-you-freaking-serious kind of look. "Your not with this bit of junk are you?" Jessica scoffed, meaning me. "Don't you mean, I'm looking at a bit of junk?" Liam retorted. Everyone around us 'oohhhh'ed and Jessica looked mad. She stormed off, dragging Becky with her. "That was awesome!" I whispered to Liam. Just then, Louis and Harry walked over. "Hey." Louis said to Liam, looking impressed. "I'm Louis, this is Harry." He said, putting his hand out. Liam shook it. "Liam." "I like you liam." Louis smirked. That look was so beautiful I could just melt. Then he looked at me. I bet I looked a right mess. I had taken my jumper off for once, since Liam made me feel secure. My hair was all over the place and I felt like I was blushing. Louis just smiled at me. "Hey Hope." He grinned. HE KNOWS MY NAME! OH MY GOD! "Hi Louis" I smiled back. "You look good." He complimented. Then he and Harry walked away. OH MY GOD! I think I just might die! Liam saw me and snapped his fingers infront of my face. "You like him?" He asked, or laughed. "If by like you mean, want to eat his beautiful face off then yes" I said, still staring in the direction he had walked off in. "No. I meant, do you want to get in those tight pants?" Liam laughed. "You bet." I grinned. "Gross." Liam's added, pushing his food away from him.

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