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2. Death Note (13+)

Death Note

My Age Rating: 13+

Genre: Mystery, Drama, Supernatural, Police, Psychological, Thriller
Episodes: 37
Sequel: No Sequel, But There Are Two Live Action Movies
Official Age Rating: 17+

"During just another normal day, Yagami Light stumbles upon a black notebook known as the Death Note. This notebook belongs to a shinigami, Ryuk, having the ability to kill anyone who has their name written in it. As the new owner of the Death Note, Light's true desires surface, yearning to cleanse the world of evil by murdering a large number of criminals. When the world begins to notice the existence of this unknown killer, legendary detective L is brought onto the case; starting a war between "Kira" and L. Whoever is able to find out the others identity first will be the one to survive."

I finished watching this one a while ago, but I remember it well enough.

I found it absolutely fantastic to watch, with the characters and storyline engaging from the start.

It is centred around a character called Light Yagami who has decided that the world is "rotten". At the same time, a Shinigami (Death God) called Ryuka has decided that the Death God Realm is also rotten, which leads to a rather fateful event.

Ryuka drops an item known as a Death Note into the Human Realm, which lands near Light's school. He picks it up, and upon reading it discovers that if he writes someone's name in it, they will die. He tests it out a couple of times, but then decides to use it to wipe out the "unneeded" people: criminals.

I will leave it there.

The storyline of Death Note revolves around Light (who earns the nickname of Kira amongst the public) as he tries to outsmart the Police and the world's greatest detective: L. It is a battle of wits and intelligence throughout the entire anime, even after the halfway-ish twist.

I personally enjoyed this for a number of reasons:

1: The battle of wits between Kira and L is great fun to watch, and you really get into their heads.

2: It really shines an interesting, if creepy, light on the state of our world as well as on human psychology.

3: I found I was disturbingly similar to Light (give it a watch and worry about my sanity).

I would certainly recommend this Anime to anyone who likes supernatural and/or mystery series.

Do not look at next picture unless you have seen the Anime/read the Graphic Novels.

There is certainly humour in the Anime, but I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing. Death Note is a very dark-themed series, and whilst enjoy a touch of humour, I cannot be certain whether the humour should be included or if it detracts from the Anime.

My Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend? Certainly. Anyone interested in Mystery, Supernatural or just Dark Themes should give this a watch.


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