Two best Friends

two friends who have to split apart


2. The horse Show

One day I went to a horse show with Banjo because we were in it. I went first. I was doing barrels first it was so fun. After that I did key hole I did ok but not as good. I did better on the barrels because Banjo was a gaming horse. Then I went on to jumping I did fine I got sixth place plus I had a lot of fun. Next up came cones I had lots of fun also because they were so awesome. After that we had a break then I was so happy to see my friend Heather standing outside the gate. I got off Banjo and gave her a hug because I thought she would't come. I was so so happy. We talked to me for a long time util she said she was going to be in the show with me. After a long time she got a horse then she ran over to a big red trailer and brought out a medium sized horse it was a chestnut it was very cute she also said it's name was Diamond. I was guessing because it had a diamond on her head. At the end of  day we went back to Ladybug stables because thats were we both rode and kept our horses.   

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