Two best Friends

two friends who have to split apart


1. Getting a Horse

Ok so one day I started to ride horses. I began to start to know them better and kept riding for years. One day started to beg to my mom and dad to get me a horse. And finely about seven months later they bought me my favorite kind of horse which was a Appaloosa.He was a boy with a gray body and black and white spots. When they got him it was on my birthday. I named him Banjo. We kept him at a place called Ladybug stables. That was were I rode horses. The first time I rode him by myself I was so scared. But when I got used to it I was just fine. He was a lazy horse but once he got moving he was very good. Me and him turned out to be best friends. We went everywhere together. One day we went to the falls and he loved it there. At the falls there were lots of kids they loved him almost as much as I did. When we got back to Ladybug sables I fed him and gave him water. I also cleaned out his stall. When I was done I took him out to the arena to stretch him he loved it when we stretched. That night I slept with Banjo in his stall. In the morning it was the daily ruteen. I brushed Banjo gave him hay and gave him lots of water plus some treats. Then I went to school. My mom picked me up at the end of the day and brought me to Ladybug stables to see my big bud Banjo. I rode him for hours and when we were cantering I fell off but it did not hert. I was brave and got on and started again. When I got back on I was scared because I just fell off. But after that I was just fine. I rode him one more hour and then I was done. Write after that was my lesson with a horse named Grand Slam but we called him Slam. That day was my first day of jumping on Slam. I was the most scared person of all. First we started out at a walk then we went to a trot and finily we went to a canter then I went over one jump then the second then the therd I was so scared but I actuly did it. I was so proud of myself that I did jump on the biggest horse in the barn.


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