Two best Friends

two friends who have to split apart


7. BANJOS COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we were going to pick Banjo I was so excited! It took us six hours to get to the barn but it was worth it. I was so so happy when we got there and when I got to see Banjo. My mom and dad talked to the doctor for a long time. Then on the way home I asked my mom and dad what the doctor said they just said some thing like he heeled really good and that you can ride him whenever. YAY! When we got home I got him right away and when we were done I gave hay water and lots of treats. It seemed like we had been together forever. After all that I slept in his stall. I had the nicest dream where me and Banjo were in the fields and just kept riding like it never ended. In the morning when I woke up I gave Banjo food and water and just sat there like was never going to leave.

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