Bad boy

Bad boy is used to always getting the girls so what happens when he can't get becca??


3. science class

Louis walked me to class, but on the way some bitchy girls pushed us over laughing. Such idiots!

When I walked into class I sat next to Louis at the back. People began to look at us.

"Hey nerd who's your girlfriend" someone called out to us. Followed by

"Girl if you want a real man just give me a call babes!"

"Oh good one!" Laughed another.

Then the teacher walked in, thank god some boys!

"Ok class! Iv got you new partners for this term! No swapping"

"Naill and Rachel!"

"Score!!" Screamed the blonde one from maths.

"Zayn and Lacey"

"Yesss!!!" Said the one with the black quiff.

"Louis and Hannah"

"Sorry" Louis said walking away to another seat.

The teacher went on for a long time before he got to name.

"Becca and Harry"

The guy from maths class that slapped my ass stood up and walked over.

"Oh god noooo...." I almost shouted

"Hey sweetie. He said winking, his you doing!"

Fine until you came!"

"Oh honey that's cold!"

I shot him a sarcastic smile.

By the end of the lesson I was dying from all the comments and flirting! I was so glad that it was lunch break. As I left class I ran over to Louis and went outside.


"Dude, why is she hanging out with that guy" said Liam.

"I have no idea. She's like the only girl who isn't all over me!"

"Hay Harry! Bet you £50 I you can't get her in your bed!"

"Oh it's on! Iv already done everyone else, she shouldn't be that hard"

I spent most of lunch watching her with the guys. Oh that ass was perfection! And those boobs! Wow I would love to be the guy to honk those honkers!! The only problem is she already hates me.... Plus she's with Louis......

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