Bad boy

Bad boy is used to always getting the girls so what happens when he can't get becca??


2. new girl



"Woof! Shake it girl"


As one of the hot girls walks in.

I do it to all of them. First it shocks them then they all giggle.

"Haha" Zayn shouted

"Line up girls! party Saturday and he's got room for all of you! Niall called

Wow! New girl alert! Niall called

Oh she's a hottie!



WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!! I screamed in his face.

"Oh, he likes me when they play hard to get!" One boy said.

"Haha" Some other laughed

"How dare you! So rude, flipping idiots!!"

I walked to the empty seat at the back next to a sad looking kind of sad. All threw the lesson the harsh liking girls looked at me evilly whirl the lads stared at me smiling. Ugh!

"Are you ok?" I asked the boy next to me

"Oh umm.... Yh fine" he wasn't a very good lier!

"I'm becca"


By the end of class Harry was still checking me out! Gross!! I walked out. I had a hole day of this left. Luckily Louis told me he had science next and so did I.

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