Bad boy

Bad boy is used to always getting the girls so what happens when he can't get becca??


5. Art project



another bad thing is Harry in my art class too. At least I sit on a table in the far corner away from him. But lg course the teacher has to ruin my life and put him as my partner because he's next to me on the register. we have to make a project for Christmas. But of course to make things worse he has to come round to mine to work on it.

"Hey, love. Harry said chasing after me. So can I have your address to come over tonight. I gave him my address told h to come over tonight, then I left. 

The project was to create a collection of colourful art pieces on canvas. I didn't care what Harry said we were going with my ideas for the project.  So far I only had three ideas and I needed at least 6. I was going to make melted crayon art and two copies of the same black and white but on the second he other way round, I'm not sure how to explain that any better. 

............after school.........

pat about 8pm hat knocked on the door. I ran to answer. Not, Ike iwas excited or Anyang I didn't want my family to meet him.

"hello sweetie!!" 

"Just come in" 

i walked to my room and sat down, Harry followed. I sat on my bed with a load of art stuff and a sketch pad in front of. 

"Are you going to help or not?" I said, Harry was just starring at me with a  stupid smirk. he finally came over and sat close to me. 

"Sooo, how shall we do this..... Project." Harry said trying to sound sexy, not working!

"my way!" 

"And how do I do that?" He said smirking again. 

"Oh come on! Stop acting like a 12 year old and help me!!" 

Harry grabbed my wrists standing me up and pushing me against the wall. 

"Harry!! Get off!!!" 

He leaned close to me, moving his hands of my arms and down to my waist. I pushed him away, he went backwards landing on the bed then bouncing back up. 

"Oh, now that was harsh wasn't it" 


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