What Now?

Blaire has a problem, and she doesn't want to tell her lover, Harry... That shes pregnant.


4. The Unforgivable Crime

Blaire's POV.

I woke at 12 am, getting a phone call from Louis. I frowned and picked it up. "She's GONE!" Were his first words. "What?" I asked, yawning. "El! She's gone! She's not at home and the windows broken out!" 


3 hours later... At Louis house...

Nobody got sleep. Blood was smeared on the window sill, and it looked like El had been dragged through the grass. Blood stained the carpet, and almost everything was silent... Almost seeming dead. Louis had called the police. I sat on the carpet and felt the blood. I then saw something that scared me half to death. A note. I picked it up.

It read: "Your little 'angel' wont be seeing you for a while...

- A"

I screamed.

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