What Now?

Blaire has a problem, and she doesn't want to tell her lover, Harry... That shes pregnant.


3. Reality Ruined My Life

Blaire's POV.

Reality ruined my life. I woke up the next morning, feeling a bitchy attitude come on. I felt sick, and half of my clothes wouldn't fit me. My stomach was a bit bigger than I had thought it would be on day 50, but then again... It's a baby, and it has to grow, right? Harry took he news better than I had thought. He... To be honest, squealed like a little girl, and he twirled me around in front of EVERYONE. Again... REALITY RUINED MY LIFE. I had my first ultrasound that day, and... Well, lets say Harry skipped. He said he had to help his sister with her daughter, Gwen. I didnt believe him, of course... But I decided to go with it. I found out that the baby was going to be born on Christmas... And it was a possibility that I could have twins. That set me off. I didnt want twins, let alone a CHILD, at age 19. I had the option to abort it, but I wasn't that type of person. Harry called afterward to see how it had gone. I told him everything, and he got excited... But I decided to ignore his childishness. We discussed names, but ended up arguing about the name Darcy. I hated that name. He loved it. I liked the name Lena. He didnt. Of course.


2 days later...

Blaire's POV.

"Oo! I know! What about Kendall?" Perrie exclaimed. We were playing the game that we had made up: Name Els Baby! El was pregnant... And had been for 8 months. They didnt know what the baby was, so we had to name both boys and girls. The name Mackenzie left my mouth twice... But finally I had the best name. "What about Reyna?" El and Louis exchanged looks. "Reyna it is for a girl!" They exclaimed at the same time. "Now for boys..."

The conversation went on for hours, and they finally settled on Landon. Harry and I got up and waved. "We need to go pick out a boy or girl crib for ours. Anyone want to come with?" El and Perrie jumped up. "Us!" They exclaimed. And so... We left.

The baby store was in Doncaster, so it was a long drive. We took forever looking at both boy and girl baby room examples, but we came up with nothing. "How about you take your two favorites for each gender, and combine them?" El suggested. "That's what Louis and I did." I smiled. "Good idea!" We decided on a lavender room for the girl, with a wild life theme. The boys room was blue, and it was based on outer space. We left with a smile... And that was the last time I saw El... For 6 months.

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