What Now?

Blaire has a problem, and she doesn't want to tell her lover, Harry... That shes pregnant.


2. Flowers and... Surprise!

Blaire's POV.

2 weeks later...


Harry has just gotten home from his tour, and he invited me out to dinner with the guys. I'm hoping that Zayn brings Perrie, and Liam bring Karia, because I need some extreme advice. Karia is Liam's girlfriend, and they have a son named Matthew. Matthew is 7 months old. I hope she'll help me... I glanced at my phone, getting a text. It was from Harry.

From: Harry <3

Hey, you need a ride to Nandos? Niall said your car broke.


To: Harry <3

Um... No, I'll pass. But thanks.


From: Harry <3

Okay, love.


I put my phone down and put a dress on that I had picked out earlier. Glancing at the time, I fastened my heels around my foot. 6:30. I had to leave... Right then. I ran to catch a cab, then got in. The driver charged 15 dollars, and it took 10 minutes to get there. I got out and walked into the restaurant. Harry was the only one there, and he motioned for me to sit next to him. I slowly walked over and sat, blushing a bit, nervously. Harry smiled at me. "I brought you flowers." He said and gave me a bouquet of roses. I smiled. "Thanks!" I wrapped my arms around him. Harry rubbed my back a bit. I sighed, and decided to not wait for Karia to come. I just wanted to get it over with. "Harry," I whispered. "Yes?" I sighed. "I'm pregnant..." 

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