What Now?

Blaire has a problem, and she doesn't want to tell her lover, Harry... That shes pregnant.


5. 5... Long... Depressing... Months

Blaire's POV.

It's been 5 months since El's capture. Everyone has been freaking out... but I have just been praying. I'm now 7 months pregnant... But Harry and I decided to keep the gender a surprise. Louis hasn't been the same... And I don't blame him. His child is four months old, and he hasn't met him/her. I glared out the window and sighed. Tears came to my eyes, remembering that Karia had gone too. She had gotten in a car accident, and we've been waiting for feedback. I stared out the window and groaned. "My life is so unfair..." I muttered. "And for the past few months... Long... Painful... And dreadful." I burst into tears. Pregnancy hormones... I walked back out of my room and sat on the couch. I needed to find a way to retreat. But... How?

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