Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


2. This isn't Real

this isn't the end kept running through my head. What could that possibly mean? It's obviously not the end, but seriously. My hands and feet started feeling uncomfortably tight in the rope. I struggled trying to get out of it- but nothing. I sighed defeated. What in the world am I supposed to do now? I can't really see because of the flipping black thing over my head. My friends are separated from me. Harry. Harry. Harry. I hate how I'm separated from him. My dream just keeps coming back, haunting me. Dreams aren't supposed to be real, right? Crossing fingers. A loud creak came from the back of me. I stood absolutely still. My mind was racing as I head a lump in my throat. I got heated from all anger and confusion running through me. Echoing footsteps made their way over to what sounded like in front of me. Adrenaline was uncontrollably running through my veins. Uneasy breathes escaped my lips. I heard the footsteps finally stopped. I waited to find put what was going to happen next. I kept biting my lips and playing with my fingers tied in the foul rope. I then felt a presence coming toward my head. I then, felt the black clothe was being taken off from me. My eyes were still closed from my worries. I slowly opened them squinting at the bright lights. My hair was probably messed up. My eyes probably have dark circles and bags under them from my stress. I fully now adjusted my eyes to the light, looking down. I saw the man's dressy shoes and a glance at his black trousers. I refused myself to look at him. 

"Now, dear, would you care to do this the easy way or the hard way?" He said not moving an inch. His voice vibrated through my ears sounding awfully familiar. I couldn't put my finger on it, so I let it slide by. I didn't want to talk or do anything. All I want is Harry and my friends back.  Several minutes later he started speaking again. 

"Ok hard way it is." He said. And with that he slapped me across the face. I groaned and looked back down. My cheek stung furiously. I could imagine the red hand mark on it. Tears started to boil up in my eyes. I held them in though. I didn't want to feel weak and useless. 

"Now, now. If you just cared to listen. Everything will be ok" he said taking careful steps around me. 

Nothing will be ok, stupid. I thought in my head. 

"Why are you and lover boy keep running away from us? We just wanna claim what's ours" he simply said. Lover boy? That's a greaaaat name ._. I just scoffed and sat up a little straighter, but still my gaze remained down. 

"What? Is there a problem?" He said with anger ringing through his voice. I rolled my eyes ignoring everything he says. Before I knew it another slap was placed on my cheek. 

"If your not gonna talk, then I'm gonna talk to Harry. But he is getting a consequence." He said. I could feel the smirk playing at his lips. That's when I looked up. I regret doing that. 

It's him

The man that shot Harry in my dream. 

This Isn't Real

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