Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


20. Tell Me

I slammed the door shut to my apartment, sighing. What happened between Niall and Harry? I kept asking myself. 

"Where were you?" A deep husky voice questioned. Harry stood up walking towards me.

"Starbucks" I lifted my empty cup up showing him.

"for more than three hours??" He said raising his eyebrows and crossing his arms across his chest.  

"I-uh- was at Julia's." I lied gulping down.

"so, you were at Julia's? Isn't that funny that I called her and zayn asking if you were there and you weren't." I backed up into the wall; scared. 

"So, Rebecca, where were you really?" He continued. His arms were outstretched to the wall beside my body, making sure I wouldn't run. His face inches away from mine, I was ready to scream. I really didn't want to tell him anything so I did what someone so close would do anyway. I kissed him roughly making sure to leave him hanging. Maybe that would change everything. My cherry lips attached from his minty ones. 

"Tell me, babe" he pleaded softly. 

"N-Niall's" I choked on my words. His anger came back as his eyes turned raged. His fists turned a pale white as he growled in frustration. He brought his fist up and slammed it against the wall. Powdery white stuff came from it floating in the air from the huge hole he created. 

"God dammit, Becca!" He roared angrily. He left the apartment taking his jacket. The door slammed shut and I knew where he was going. He was going to Niall's. I needed to get there before him. I acted fast getting my shoes on again and taking my car. I saw him speeding out the road. Since I know a shortcut, I sped off in the opposite direction of Harry. I was speeding down the roads at about 90 mph. I know it's fast, but this is like a situation that it's necessary for, right? 


I was seconds away from Niall's as I saw his complex. I parked my car in the parking lot. I searched for Harry's car as I was sprinting to Niall's home. A minor relief spread through me as I didn't see his car in sight. I hurried up the stairs and finally made it to his floor. I banged on the door quickly. I heard the sound of a speeding car screech down below in the parking lot. I screamed for Niall now. He finay opened up. Before he could say a word I started talking. 

"Harry knows I came here before. He is coming and is here now. We gotta go before anything!" I took his arm and before I made it to the door, it bursted open. A furious looking Harry barged in. His curls were everywhere and his fists were clenched. I stood in front of Niall, my blood cold. 

"Harry stop!" I shouted 

"get out of the way, Becca!" Why are you even here?!" He growled.

".. Trying to stop you!" I argued back. "Tell me what's going on for once" I said a little softer. I felt two hands grab me, one of them on the back of my arm and the other on my wrist. Harry had my wrist, as Niall got my arm. They pulled me at the same time, not knowing they both had me. 

"Let go!" Niall said lowly, but firmly. I've never heard him like this. 

"She's mine, not yours!" Harry said tugging me closer. I looked at him frustration controlling my whole body. 

"I'm not yours anymore" I said without thinking. I clamped my mouth shut unsure of what to say or do. Harry slowly let go and loosened his grip. His mouth was partially open, surprised of what I said. I was too. 

"I'm so sorry" I barely heard him say while his voice cracked. He turned around heading out the door. What have I done? My mind raced. My mind said he deserved it and the other half said he didn't.  Tears welled up in my eyes. I'm too frightened to let one drop now. I'm confused also. Mainly about if I love Harry or Niall. Yes Niall. I turned around to see Niall holding the same emotion . I hugged him tight. He rubbed my back and we sat down. The tears decided to now drip one by one. Niall wiped them away with his thumbs and began to talk. 

"It all started when I first met you. This was all a plan for me to meet you to keep you safe. I knew Harry and I know him now because we work together. He told me and called me up to keep you company until he decided to show up again. When we kissed, I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyways. I saw Harry that day and told him how that happened and that I liked you a lot." He said gulping down. 

"And he well got angry and what not with me and we had a huge fight about it. Now he doesn't like me at all and I don't care much for him either." He finally finished. Everything was a bit more clear now. Sometimes I don't get boys though. They are both, Harry basically, being over dramatic about this whole situation.

"thank you." I said to Niall kissing his cheek lightly and headed for the door. 

"For what?" He spoke up.

"for telling me the truth"

"it's no big deal. Where you headed?" He asked.

"To find Harry."





****** UH OH wow this was a heated chapter!! Sorry I haven't updated so long I'm finally on spring break!! Whoop whoop!! :-) hope you enjoyed :***********💕

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