Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


3. Shhhhhh

"N-n-nooo it's ok" I spit out to his frightful face. 

"now you talk" he smirked takin his heavy footsteps back towards me. 

"What do you freakin want?!" I said through gritted teeth. 

"You dead" my blood ran cold. I swear my face turned pale. Me dead? What the beep did I do now???? Oh right, my dad. But how did me dead end up in this situation? I'm just confusing myself even more. 

"Why is that?" I said more confident, but on the inside I was crying for help. 

"You know what sweet cheeks."  sweet cheeks- that's a new one. I thought to myself. 

"No I seriously don't." I said honestly with a confused expression. 

"Let's start off by you and your gruesome father..." He rambled on saying that I supposedly have some kind of chip that's worth billions of dollars. Ya ok, in your dreams. 

"First of all, I don't know what this "chip" is. Second. I don't have anything to do with this. Third. What makes you think that I could tell you anything?" I said sassily. 

"Listen.." He started coming closer to my face so that we r inches apart. I felt like slapping him. "You will cooperate or your boy will get a beating or even worse. Now you wouldn't want that to happen, right?" He smirked. Right then and there I spit in his face. Clear liquid trickled down his eye as he grunted loudly. 

"That's it!" He exclaimed punching me this time. My mind swirled in a complete blur. My eyes soon faded away into darkness.




"NOOOOO, BECCA!" I awoken from the ear piercing sound. His voice. His husky beautiful voice. But frightful. I screamed his name as he faintly returned mine. It is him he is calling me. My hands and feet were untied. How did that happen? I didn't have time to think. I ran to the thick metal door opening it. I sprinted for my life down the king hallways. I followed the heavy footprints that I encountered minutes, hours, or seconds before I blacked out. The closer I got the sooner I had to find a little place to hide just incase. I peeked from behind the wall to see harry got pushed into a door. I faintly saw his face. His eyes were a dull grey and his cheeks were stained with dried tears. His hair was ruffled up making him look tired with the dark circles under his eyes. The man that abused me walked away out of sight. That was my chance to see harry. I tip toed and opened the door quietly as possible. It worked and shut the door behind me. That's when I saw him. His back face to me with him on his knees- head in his hands. Small tears escaped my eyes as I walked closer to him. I heard his soft sobs. His white fitted t-shirt was stained as for his black skinny jeans. I crouched beside him still a little behind him so he wouldn't see me. I heard him saying my name through his sobs. I surprised he didn't turn his head or anything. I wrapped my hands around him saying "shhhhh I'm right here." He literally jumped on top of me hugging me. I hugged him back happy tears flowing out of my eyes. He finally let go and looked me in my eyes. His eyes seemed to have more color. He cracked a small smile through my worries. He leaned in teasing his lips over mine. I've been craving this for the past whoever knows how many days. boom. Fireworks. Every time.  We got deep into the kiss as our arms tangled around each other. He pulled me even closer as my breath hitched. He chuckled kissing me ever so passionately. We pulled away out of breath as usual. 

Whatever happens, just remember that you will forget everything and move as far away as possible from here. Stay hidden for me" he said seriously intertwining our fingers. 

"Harry I-" 

"No, Becca, promise me. Please" he said just under a whisper. A long silence spread between us because I was thinking. Is my dream serious. Real? I regret what I had just said: 

"I promise" my voice barely audible. He pulled me into a hug running his fingers through my messy hair. He kissed me again. A long a sweet one that lingered on my lips. 

"I love you" he said in between the kisses he planted on my lips.

" I live you too, always" I said sighing. And then the room went black. And that's when I knew this is it. 



My Dream is Real. 







Dun duh dun!!! It's me! I was literally crying when I wrote this. :/ what will happen next? Oh oh oh it's a huge shocker. 😳 eeeeek 



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